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From biggest projection dome to friendly robot guides, here’s why you need tickets to Expo
Expo 2020 Dubai is being called The World’s Greatest Show. News has spread far and wide of the numerous wonders awaiting discovery on this 438-hectare-wide site. Not only is this world Expo the first in the region, it is also the first time a nation has ever hosted a whopping 190-plus countries at its fair, allowing each participant to set up their own dedicated pavilion.
Starting October 1, the world will meet for six months to experience first-hand what it is like to ride the largest lift in the world, watch glittering shows under the world’s largest 360-degree projection dome and chat with friendly robot guides whirring about.
All your niche interests will be met at this multicultural innovative hotbed – from seeing the scale-by-scale replica of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and ancient treasures to hiking up the Swiss Alps and watching 13-metre-high waves reverse by night – everything under the sky is possible here.
Ever wondered what complete silence sounds like? Head over to the Italy Pavilion to witness that phenomenon, where you will also find a stunning replica of Michelangelo’s David, except the statue was printed out. At the Netherlands Pavilion, it even rains inside.
While children get to game at the Poland Pavilion and embark on a treasure hunt at the France Pavilion, the grownups can wind down at one of the 60 live entertainment performances that will colour Expo venues daily, starring big names such as Nancy Ajram and Atif Aslam.
For all the foodies out there? You can eat at one of 200-plus food and beverage outlets from all over the world, not to mention the bites each pavilion is serving. Unless, you are into dining with artificial intelligence … well, they have you covered!
Buy your tickets to see the World’s Greatest Show here.

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