What is ‘Garden in the Sky’ at Expo 2020 Dubai? – The Siasat Daily

Abu Dhabi: ‘Garden in the Sky’, an observation tower and ‘flying park’, is 55 metres above the ground offering 360-degree views of the wonderful 4.38 square kilometre Dubai 2020 World Expo site.
Visitors to this iconic attraction can enter the lower cabin in the basement and the upper cabin on the ground floor. The interconnected cabins rotate as they ascend and descend.
‘Garden in the Sky’ is planted with 10 Peltophorum Inerme trees and is connected by stairs to the air-conditioned lower floor. Peltophorum Inerme, also known as yellow flame trees, are well adapted to the UAE’s hot and dry climate and form an integral part of Dubai’s parks and streetscapes.
Behind ‘Garden in the Sky’ is the London-based architect and designer Asif Khan, whose commitment to breaking boundaries across the fields of architecture, industrial and furniture design charts new and unexpected directions.
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