Watch the Man City ePremier League Playoff live – Manchester City FC

Part of the wider ePL project, the event sees 8 players on PS5 and 8 on Xbox Series X showcasing their skills, with the winners of each console final set to represent City at the ePL Finals.
Man City’s FIFA Pros Ryan Pessoa and Shaun ‘Shellzz’ Springette will be in action, as Shellzz looks to defend his title as reigning ePL Champion.
Speaking about the Playoff, Shellzz said: “It’s great to be competing once again in this year’s ePL Playoff for the chance to represent City in the Finals and hopefully defend my ePremier League title. There’s always new talent coming through though so I’m expecting some tough competition this year.”
Supported by esports partners Expo 2020 Dubai, Nexen Tire and Etisalat the Man City ePL Playoff will be streamed live across Twitch – – with commentary from notable esports voices Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley and featuring notable City fan and FIFA streamer Faraaz ‘FG’ Ghaffur.
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