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Indo-Belarusian girl thrilled at invite to visit Belarus Pavilion
Dubai: She invited the world to visit the Expo 2020 Dubai during its inaugural ceremony in which she played the central character.
Mira Singh, the global icon of the world fair’s opening ceremony, visited the Expo site as a visitor on Monday.
The 11-year-old Indo-Belarusian expat girl was the centre of attraction among all the leadings stars who unveiled the world’s greatest show on September 30 night. The grade seven student of JSS International School was hand-picked from among hundreds of children to be the central character of Expo 2020 Dubai’s opening gala ceremony and was also featured on its commercials that were streamed across the world.
The young model, who was already busy acting in commercials, shot into global fame after the Expo opening. She was thrilled to visit the Expo 2020 Dubai site on the invitation of the Belarus Pavilion.
Several people queued up to take photos and selfies with Mira whose Expo photo had also appeared at Times Square in New York City.
Mira was accompanied by her Indian father Jitendra Singh, Belarusian mother Svetlana, and elder brother Arman Singh. “All of us are excited to be here,” she told Gulf News.
Mira was given a tour of the pavilion in the presence of Consul General of Belarus in Dubai Evgeny Lazarev, who also gifted the family members with Belarusian souvenirs. The key topic of the Belarusian pavilion is “Forest of Future Technologies.” Mira, who holds a Belarusian passport, said she “just loved” the country’s national pavilion at the world fair.
“It connected to me so well because my country is Belarus. And all my relatives…and my grandmother are living there. It was just like the same when I go there and when I went here, (there) was no difference at all. It was like the same…memories [of Belarus] came back to me,” she said. “It was just amazing. It was the best experience in this pavilion,” she added.
The family then attended a zoom session at the Russian Pavilion for planning a musical event involving Mira. They also enjoyed eating out at the Expo site.
“It was my son’s birthday the other day. We couldn’t celebrate it. So, we thought of combining it with today’s Expo visit and eating out over here. So, it is double joy for us,” said Jitendra.
It was after that they decided to visit the UAE Pavilion. However, there was a surprise awaiting them. An officer at the pavilion recognised Mira, said Jitendra. “Then we were offered a special tour with a guide. It was quite a VIP treatment,” he said.
Mira said she was wowed by the UAE Pavilion. “It is so huge and has so many amazing features. It is one of the best pavilions for sure,” she said.
Winding up the first day at Expo due to time constraints, they decided to come back again to visit the other pavilions, especially the India Pavilion. “We really want to visit the India Pavilion next. Mira wants to perform Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance over there. Her dance teacher is already preparing her and other students for a performance at Global Village. I have told her we should try for a platform at the India Pavilion at Expo,” said Svetlana.
The family members said all of them are enjoying the literally overnight fame that Mira received after the opening ceremony.
“People are recognising her even with a mask. Everyone wants to take a photo with her. Social media is full of praise for her and many have been sending drawings and illustrations. I don’t know when they found time…Instagram had illustrations on her the very next morning. Mira is enjoying all the love and praise,” said Jitendra.

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