UAE’s biggest camel trek to arrive at Expo 2020 Dubai – Gulf News

30 participants from 17 nations to navigate 500km of UAE desert from Liwa’s Empty Quarter
Dubai: A total of 30 camel riders – men and women, of various ages and capabilities – representing 17 countries (including four Emirati camel trekkers), will take part in the 8th edition of Camel Trek organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC). The desert voyage will run for 13 days, starting on December 9 from Liwa Empty Quarter in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. The 30 camel trekkers will cross more than 500km in UAE’s desert to enjoy a unique experience on how to live the old ways of the Bedouins until they reach their final destination at Expo 2020 Dubai site.
The participants were shortlisted from the 298 people who registered for the intensive camel riding training programme organised by HHC’s Events Department.
Hind bin Demaithan Al Qemzi, director of Events at the HHC, noted: “It requires a high level of fitness and training to join the desert voyage. The participants were taught how to travel in a caravan and were familiarised with life in the desert. They will have a unique desert experience how to live the old ways of the Bedouins while forging a deep bond with each other.”
“This year’s camel trek is very special as Dubai is hosting the Expo, the world’s greatest show,” noted Al Qemzi, adding: “Hosting the annual Camel Trek is a way of promoting the rich Emirati tradition among various nationalities residing in the UAE.”
“The camel caravan will set off from Liwa desert area, navigating the wide expanse of UAE’s desert before reaching the World Expo site. There are many messages and lessons that come into the framework of this desert journey, including tolerance, harmonious co-existence, dialogue among various cultures and building bridges of cooperation among people in a practical way with a traditional approach,” explained Al Qemzi.
The annual Camel Trek brings together people from various cultural backgrounds. This year, a mother-daughter tandem will be joining the desert caravan to experience first-hand an authentic desert environment exploring the beautiful UAE desert on the back of a camel.
The 8th Camel Trek will kick-off on December 9 and will run for 13 days, starting from Liwa Empty Quarter in Abu Dhabi’s Western Region. The caravan will follow a prepared route and the camel trekkers will rest at camping stations in the middle of the desert. Participants are provided with all necessary requirements for the trip, including food, drink, individual tents, and the camels that they use for the journey.

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