‘UAE Innovative 2022’ to educate visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai – Gulf News

Event to enrich culture of creativity within UAE Government
Dubai: The UAE has announced the launch of ‘UAE Innovates 2022’, one of the world’s largest innovation festivals in Dubai.
The programme that is set to begin on February 1 2022 is one of the world’s biggest festivals focused on the concept of innovation. Led by the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation (MBRCGI), the event is set to run alongside Expo 2020 all while motivating the community of the UAE to create.
Multiple activities will be taking place at Expo from February 11 to the 16 where visitors will be educated on the innovation initiatives of the UAE in the form of specialised workshops, interactive sessions and more.
UAE Innovates supports the UAE’s objectives for the next 50 years and aims to promote the position of the country as one of the most innovative in the world, through a series of events and a prestigious awards programme.
UAE Innovates 2022 was announced following a meeting involving officials in federal and local government entities, who discussed ways to develop the national initiative and enhance community participation.
A number of new innovative initiatives are set to be announced in 2022 by all seven Emirates following the launch of the Youth Council for Government Innovation, which aims to coordinate between the local youth councils and the Emirates Youth Council to promote innovation in government.
Huda Al Hashimi, Assistant Minister of Cabinet for Strategic Affairs, stated: “A culture of innovation is an essential pillar in the UAE’s next 50 years. The UAE government implements comprehensive strategies and initiatives based on cultivating a culture of innovation and engaging the community in designing and developing transformational projects.”
Marjan Fraidooni, Chief Experience Officer at Expo 2020, Dubai stated, “Innovation is a major pillar in all aspects of Expo 2020, Dubai, including what it offers to the visitor experience, pavilions, programs and events aimed at addressing the greatest challenges facing the world. The events of Innovation Month are a distinguished addition to Expo 2020, Dubai.
Innovation Month 2022 will also feature the second edition of the ‘UAE Innovates Awards’. Consisting of 6 main categories the awards will commemorate the most innovative initiatives started by federal and local government entities of the past year.
Winners will get the chance to be included in the third edition of ‘Innovators of the Nation’ that will be published in mid to late 2022. The submission deadline for the awards is January 24 2022.
— Gina Bagnulo is an intern with Gulf News

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