UAE-India travel: 7-day home quarantine required for international passengers – Gulf News

Travellers will also have to take a second PCR test on the 8th day of being in the country
Dubai: All international passengers will now have to home quarantine for a week on arrival in India, the government said on Friday as it revised travel guidelines. They will also be required to do a second PCR test on the 8th day after arrival.
Travellers are required to upload results of repeat RT-PCR test for COVID-19 done on the 8th day on Air Suvidha portal, the revised guidelines said. If negative, they will further self-monitor their health for the next seven days, the ministry added at the time.
Airlines in the UAE have updated their travel guidelines for passengers heading to India based on the announcement.
For passengers travelling to India (except Mumbai) from the UAE, authorities will conduct COVID‑19 testing on random arriving passengers at the passengers’ own cost. Passengers can leave the airport after submission of a sample.
If these passengers test negative, they must undergo home quarantine and also take a test on the 8th day to upload on the Air Suvidha platform as per the recent updates. If the passenger tests positive, they will need to follow state-wise protocols in place for COVID-19 positive cases.
If you are heading to Mumbai and are a resident there, you will be required to take a PCR test on arrival. If the test result is negative, home quarantine is applicable for 7 days after which a second PCR test is required. If negative again, travellers are required to self-monitor for a further 7-day period.
If you test positive on the first or the second test after arrival, you will be required to undergo institutional quarantine as mandated by local authorities.
If you’re travelling to another city via Mumbai, you will allowed to take the respective connecting flight as scheduled. 

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