Tripura Lads To Attend 'World Expo 2020' In Dubai With Unique Water & Energy Conservation Gadgets – NorthEast Today

Agartala, March 07, 2022 : Two Tripura youngsters are participating in the ‘World Expo 2020’ in Dubai with their unique water and electricity conservation gadgets.
Abhishek Dhar, Director and Founder of iLogitron Technologies and Debasish Dhar of iLogitron Technologies Private Limited left for Dubai on Monday to attend ‘World Expo 2020’ from Agartala.
Abhishek and Debasish introduced two devices- gadgets to stop misuse of electricity and water.
Speaking to media persons at Tripura Industries Development Corporation (TIDC) Bhavan here at Agartala on Monday afternoon, Abhishek said “We two have been selected by the Tripura government to attend ‘World Expo 2020’ at Dubai. In India, a total of 32 start-up companies are participating in this exposition of large-scale public exhibition. Our company is ilogitron Technologies private limited.”
“Last year in July, Tripura’s Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb unboxed and launched a device ‘iSync’ which is developed by ‘iLogitorn technologies’ a Tripura based Start-Up established by two engineering graduates Abhishek Dhar and Debasish Dhar at Agartala. This device ‘iSync’ is a true plug-and-play device that can be plugged into the existing switchboard within a minute and hence one can control electrical devices using a mobile app from Smartphone”, he added.
The director and founder of iLogitron Technologies said that the water-saving device has developed further using traditional bamboo-finishing and taking the product at expo to promote the eco-friendly product.
Explaining the significance of these two products, Debasish said “In urban areas, people love to keep indoor plants. The water-saving device solves the problems of people and families who fail to provide water to their indoor plants due to their hectic livelihood. This device helps in providing water which is connected in one’s smartphone app, and even a timer can be set for supplying water without physical involvement. At present, this product is developed for indoor plants only. In the future, we will develop it for outdoor plants where farmers would not have to go to the field to give water in their agricultural lands, they can supply water through their smartphone.”
He also said “We have also seen that LED bulbs can be controlled through your mobile phone. Existing lights and fans need not to be changed. Another device connected with a fan and light, everything will be converted to smart. Even voice commands will also work. Outside India, this device is there, but in our country, we have developed it in Tripura indigenously.”
Citing the financial aspects, Debasish stated “We have been working on these products for the past two years and the expenses were high. Water saving device is Rs 2,000 and can be used for ten plants while ismart power saving device is for Rs 7,200 and will make a complete room smart. Very limited number of products have been made so far. We are looking for investors so that we can scale up our products. It is also a reason for moving to Dubai so that we can connect the maximum number of investors then we can sell the products at better pricing.”
Being asked about patent designing of the products, Abhishek and Debasish claimed “We have applied for German patent for a water-saving device and expect to receive it within six to seven months and talks are on with IPA consultants for the power-saving device, but not yet finalized.”
Speaking in terms of commercialization, we have received several bookings from all over India. Production is in very limited numbers, we are looking forward to scale up the production.
Earlier, in the press conference, TIDC chairman Tinku Roy applauded the innovative products designed and developed by two engineering graduates Abhishek and Debasish, who hailed from Tripura’s Kailashahar in Unakoti district and Dharmanagar in North Tripura district.
“These two youths had set an unique instance for the people of this state and country focusing on their ‘Start-Up’ following the clarion call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Now, four to five people are under them. They have become good young entrepreneurs”, he added.


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