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With its drive to innovate and commitment to delight, the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai is always a joy to check in to. Overlooking the Arabian Gulf and in a prime location facing a private beach, to absorb all the energy of the Dubai skyline, this hotel provides everything you could desire for a short or a longer visit. And with Dubai positively pulsing with the vibrancy of Expo 2020 running from now until the end of March 2022, it is an ideal time to take time out to relax and explore here. There is so much excitement about the Expo 2020 event with its boldness and optimism about a better future and how to secure it.
Sublimotion Ibiza at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai
To add to the sense of drama, the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira will host the immersive dining experience Sublimotion from November 4th until February 4th next year. I was privileged to be one of the very first guests years ago at its original spot in Ibiza. I still remember the day, when I walked through the exclusive door to find out what Sublimotion is all about. It has been one of the most memorable and extraordinary dining experiences of my life. And what other place than Dubai, would be the perfect location for Sublimotion…
Sublimotion Dinner Experience
In a collaborative concept created by Chef Paco Roncero and Creative Director Eduardo Gonzales, those sitting down to eat receive an introduction into the potential evolution and revolution of eating out. Guests have an immediate feeling of heightened expectation and anticipation because they simply do not know what is going to happen next. Every course is a surprise of all the senses – on all levels.
Sublimotion Dinner Experience
The menu is a closely-guarded secret so you take your seat with no preconceptions of what to expect for each course. The effect of this is to set the palate tingling and to stimulate all the senses. With none of the distractions of a large hotel restaurant, the private room ambience accentuates the feeling of having moved into a special place.
Sublimotion thrives on its mystique – not just in the secrecy around what ingredients and recipes will make up the many courses. The team of 25 working behind the scenes includes designers, engineers, magicians, illusionists and actors, all dedicated to what is effectively a performance where every detail and aspect surrounding the food and its service is honed to the highest level.
Sublimotion Dinner Experience
The 360° screens add an intense visual stimulation with the projections designed to give the food and its origins their context. Colors and images create an ongoing theatrical and technical production where nothing seems predictable and there are so many moments when what you see and eat and feel is exceptional.
Sublimotion Dinner Experience
While the sensory elements are critical, there is no compromise on the quality of the food and the range of fresh produce provided. The Paco Roncero Restaurante in Madrid holds two Michelin stars and has built its reputation as a proud promoter of the finest and most original Spanish cuisine. You encounter aspects of this commitment at Sublimotion but it turns out to be a menu which defies convention and contains unexpected combinations. 
Mandarin Oriental Dubai Lobby
Who knows if one day we will all eat this way? However, to have just a foretaste at Sublimotion is so exciting. It is truly transformative to eat there and the buzz of energy lasts long after the door closes on what is a magical concept. With many craving the notion of an escape, here is a way to find one.
Sublimotion Dinner Experience


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