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The World Expo 2020, which started on 1 October, ended on the last day of March. During that time, the Slovenian Pavilion welcomed almost one million visitors and the business centre hosted more than 200 events.
Slovenia presented itself in Dubai under the slogan Slovenia – Green Smart Experience | Author Spirit
600 companies took part as exhibitors or as part of economic delegations, said Matic Volk, Slovenian Commissioner-General for Expo.
The Slovenian pavilion has reported a record attendance over the past two weeks, he said, and visitors were most impressed by the green environment, Slovenian expertise and breakthrough ideas.
Slovenia presented itself in Dubai under the slogan Slovenia – Green Smart Experience Slovenia with which it presented itself to the global public as a sustainable, modern, creative and forward-looking country, where a green environment, knowledge, breakthrough ideas and innovations, and a value-added economy are intertwined.
The purpose of participating in the Expo was to put Slovenia on the world map as a sustainable, high-tech and innovative country, to promote the Slovenian economy and Slovenia as a tourist destination, and to increase the presence of Slovenian products and services both in the United Arab Emirates market and on the global market.
192 countries participated in the World Expo, the largest number in the history of these global events. In Milan in 2015, for example, 141 countries were represented. For the first time in the history of the World Expo, each country had its own pavilion. The next Expo will take place in Osaka in 2025.
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