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SINGAPORE – Singapore is showcasing its vision of being a City in Nature at Expo 2020 in Dubai, where more than 190 nations will come together for what is billed as the “world’s greatest show”.
Minister for National Development Desmond Lee gave a welcome address on Tuesday (Sept 28) in a virtual presentation, encouraging viewers to visit the Singapore Pavilion while Singapore Pavilion commissioner-general Larry Ng gave an overview of what is on the cards.
When the Singapore Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai opens its doors on Friday for a six-month exhibition, visitors will learn about the nation’s innovations through immersive experiences that integrate nature, architecture and technology.
The overarching theme of “Nature. Nurture. Future” is illustrated by the profusion of lush greenery that pervades the entire 1,550 sq m pavilion through hanging gardens and three “cones” that are covered in more than 170 varieties of tropical plants in the Sustainability district.
There are two other districts in the 438ha expo site – Mobility, which explores a connected future, and Opportunity, which features programmes to co-create a better tomorrow.
The structure includes a ground-level garden and galleria which cascades upwards to a canopy walk, hanging garden, sky market and, finally, a solar roof.
The self-sustaining pavilion is powered by photovoltaic panels on the glass roof which harness the sun’s rays to generate electricity.
Saline water is drawn from below ground level and desalinated on-site. Dry mist fans atomise water that immediately cools the interior spaces, lowering the temperature by between a perceived 6 deg C and 10 deg C.
The Ground Garden features lush plants, trees, shrubs, including Singapore’s national flower the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid and a phytoremediation pond. Phytoremediation is a process that uses various types of plants to counteract and manage contaminants.
The pavilion is designed by a team from Singapore-based architectural practice Woha, helmed by architect Wong Mun Summ.
Visitors journey through three themed cones – Rainforest, City, and Flower Cones – each housing exhibits that showcase Singapore’s transformational urban journey, its solutions to pressing urban issues, as well as efforts to create a sustainable future.
This is the first time the 170-year-old World Expo, which is held once every five years, has been hosted in the Middle Eastern, African and South Asian region.
Despite travel restrictions and a spike in infections around the world from the Covid-19 Delta variant, all the pavilions are preparing for the launch, subject to safety measures.

Commissioner-general of the Singapore Pavilion Larry Ng says the pavilion signals SIngapore’s readiness to lead and participate in conversations. ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN

Mr Ng said that the show is important as it provides the island nation with a platform to connect with people from around the world and engage in important future-shaping conversations.
“The pavilion signals our readiness to lead and participate in conversations, as well as to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between our people, innovators and businesses,” he added.
The Singapore Pavilion will also be presented on online platforms for more to take part in the ongoing programmes. To view the exhibits, go to this website or Expo 2020 Dubai’s website.

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