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RIF Trust is the few fully licensed government-approved agents for second citizenship
From the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, new challenges to global mobility have emerged as travel restrictions were imposed worldwide. To mitigate against these disruptive restrictions, RIF Trust’s citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes have been the most effective method for achieving true global mobility and ensuring future security for their clients. A second passport from any of the CBI countries offered by RIF Trust allows investors to travel visa-free to over 140 countries as well as experience additional wealth preservation and security benefits.
CBI allows investors to become citizens of countries with favourable tax policies and banking procedures. Countries in the Caribbean, such as St Kitts and Nevis, do not impose income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains or wealth tax. For investors from countries with complex banking processes, citizenship by investment ensures more freedom in opening bank accounts, financial transactions, and asset diversification. Investors can protect their wealth and safeguard their children’s future.
In response to the pandemic, many CBI governments have made it easier to include family members when they are applying for a CBI second passport. The main applicant can add their spouse, children and parents and sometimes even siblings to their application and secure a better future for their families and future generations. World-class healthcare, top-tier education, and a better lifestyle are available to CBI investors and their families.
RIF Trust is proud to be one of the few fully licensed government-approved agents in the world for all their programmes, offering more than 100 years of combined citizenship by investment industry expertise across 17 global offices, including an office in Dubai.
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