Ramadan in Dubai 2024: Guide to Iftar, Prayers & Events

Discover the magic of Ramadan in Dubai! Unveil Iftar feasts, explore vibrant celebrations and find moments of serenity in this guide. As the holy month approaches, Dubai transforms into a tapestry of vibrant celebrations, serene prayerful moments, and delectable culinary experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned observer or seeking a unique cultural adventure, this guide will illuminate your path to a truly enriching Ramadan in Dubai.

What is Ramadhan?

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For Muslims worldwide, Ramadan is a sacred month of reflection, devotion, and community. In Dubai, this spiritual journey transcends mere fasting, transforming the city into a vibrant tapestry of tradition and celebration. From dawn-to-dusk abstinence to heightened prayer and charitable acts, Ramadan in Dubai is a time for personal growth and strengthening the bonds of faith.

Mosques illuminate with the melodies of recited Quran, while bustling souks adorned with twinkling lights offer a sensory feast. Iftar, the breaking of the fast, becomes a joyous occasion shared with loved ones, savoring delectable delicacies and fostering a spirit of generosity. Beyond the fast, Ramadan in Dubai invites a deeper connection to oneself and the divine, a chance to break bad habits and cultivate virtues like patience, humility, and gratitude.

Whether you’re a practicing Muslim seeking a profound experience or a curious visitor seeking cultural immersion, Dubai’s Ramadan promises an unforgettable journey. Immerse yourself in the magic, witness the grandeur of prayer, and connect with the spirit of this holy month in the heart of this dazzling city.

Ramadan Calendar and Timings

While the official Ramadan calendar for 2024 is yet to be announced, predictions suggest it will begin on March 11th and conclude on April 9th. We understand the importance of planning for this sacred month, so we’ll keep you updated with the official timings for Sehri (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (sunset meal) as soon as they’re available. Stay tuned!

Iftar and Beyond

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Iftar, the breaking of the fast, is a celebrated occasion in Dubai. Traditional Iftar buffets at hotels and restaurants offer a dazzling array of regional and international cuisines. At the same time, family gatherings and community meals bring people together in a spirit of joyous sharing. Following are the feasting delights in Dubai.

Iftar Buffets:

  • Luxurious Spreads: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of five-star Iftar buffets at hotels like Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and Jumeirah Al Qasr. Think endless seafood platters, succulent roast meats, and international culinary delights alongside traditional Emirati favorites like fragrant Luqaimat dumplings and buttery Khubz bread.
  • Cultural Delights: Experience authentic Arabian flavors at hidden gems like Al Majlis Tent in Al Fahidi Historical District and The Palm Jumeriah’s Al Hadheerah restaurant. Savor slow-cooked stews, aromatic rice dishes like Machboos and Mandi, and refreshing salads dotted with dates and pomegranates.

Street Food Gems:

  • Al Dhiyafah Road: Embark on a culinary adventure down Al Dhiyafah Road, a bustling hub for affordable and authentic Iftar treats. Dig into steaming plates of Emirati Harees wheat porridge, crispy Falafel wraps, and melt-in-your-mouth Chebab date pancakes. Don’t miss the fresh fruit juices and Karak tea, a local cinnamon-infused milk tea perfect for breaking the fast.
  • Satwa Souq: Step back in time at Satwa Souq, where hidden alleys reveal traditional street vendors serving up delicacies like Umm Ali, a creamy bread pudding soaked in rosewater and nuts, and refreshing Luban ice cream flavored with fragrant frankincense.

Sweet Treats and Refreshments:

  • Dates & Dried Fruits: Indulge in the natural sweetness of dates, a staple during Ramadan. Visit spice souks like Deira Spice Souq and explore a rainbow of varieties, from Medjool dates stuffed with nuts to Ajwa dates known for their medicinal properties.
  • Ramadan Beverages: Quench your thirst with traditional Ramadan drinks like Rooh Afza, a rosewater and musk-infused milk drink, and Qamardeen, a creamy apricot and melon concoction. Cozy cafes like The Coffee Gallery and Ya Hala offer innovative Ramadan specials and refreshing mocktails.


  • Ramadan Markets: Throughout the month, pop-up Ramadan markets like Al Khaimah Heritage Village and Al Seef Souq come alive with food stalls offering regional specialties and international treats. Don’t miss the chance to sample Ramadan classics like Luqaimat and grab locally-made Ramadan gifts.
  • Home-cooked Iftars: Experience the warmth of Emirati hospitality by joining a home-cooked Iftar hosted by local families. These intimate gatherings offer a glimpse into traditional Ramadan customs and a chance to savor authentic dishes prepared with love.

This list is just a starting point for your culinary journey through Ramadan in Dubai. With endless possibilities to tantalize your taste buds, get ready to experience the city’s vibrant food scene and discover the true magic of Iftar in this enchanting Ramadan season.

Beyond Fasting

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Ramadan in Dubai goes beyond the fast. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural landscape:

  • Witness the splendor of Ramadan prayers at iconic mosques like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Participate in traditional majlis gatherings where communities come together to share stories and wisdom
  • Explore the bustling souks adorned with Ramadan decorations and find unique souvenirs and gifts
  • Attend special Ramadan events and lectures hosted by cultural centers and mosques

Ramadan is also a time for personal reflection and spiritual growth. Dubai offers numerous opportunities to deepen your connection with your faith:

  • Enroll in Ramadan Quran recitation programs at mosques or online
  • Seek spiritual guidance from local scholars and community leaders
  • Spend time in quiet contemplation at serene mosques or gardens

Ramadan in Dubai promises an enriching and unforgettable experience. Embrace the spirit of the holy month, savor its culinary delights, and connect with the city’s vibrant community. Let Dubai be your guide as you embark on a journey of spiritual growth, reflection, and shared joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some resources for learning more about Ramadan and its customs?

Several online resources offer information about Ramadan traditions and practices. You can also visit official government websites like the Dubai Tourism website or the UAE Moon Sighting Committee website for specific guidance within the Dubai context.

Can I still enjoy outdoor activities during Ramadan in Dubai?

Absolutely! While some outdoor activities might have adjusted timings during Ramadan, many remain open for enjoyment. Take a stroll along Jumeirah Beach at sunset for a picturesque Iftar backdrop. Public parks like Zabeel Park and Al Barsha Pond Park often host Ramadan-themed events and activities suitable for families. Just remember to be mindful of those who are fasting and avoid eating or drinking in public during the day.

Are there any special Ramadan shopping experiences in Dubai?

Ramadan is a popular time for shopping in Dubai, with many malls offering extended hours and special Ramadan discounts. The Dubai Mall hosts a Ramadan Night Market featuring local artisans and traditional handicrafts. Souqs like Deira Souk and Gold Souk come alive with vibrant decorations and special Ramadan offers. Remember, most shops will be closed during prayer times, so plan your shopping trips accordingly.

How can I get involved in volunteering or charity during Ramadan in Dubai?

The spirit of giving is strong during Ramadan, and Dubai offers many opportunities to get involved. Several charities and food banks organize Ramadan-specific initiatives where you can volunteer your time or donate food and clothing. Look for volunteering opportunities on the websites of organizations like Dubai Cares or Beit Al Khair.

Is it still possible to enjoy tourist activities in Dubai during Ramadan?

Yes, Dubai caters to both fasting and non-fasting visitors during Ramadan. Many restaurants and tourist attractions remain open with adjusted hours. However, be aware that some shops and businesses may have shorter operating hours or be closed during prayer times.

What are some tips for preparing for Ramadan in Dubai?

Plan your meals: Research Sehri and Iftar options, whether you prefer cooking at home or trying out restaurants offering special Ramadan menus.
Stay hydrated: Ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially during the hot summer months.
Plan your prayers: Find mosques near your location or workplace for convenient prayer times.
Embrace the community: Connect with fellow Muslims in Dubai, participate in community gatherings, and share the holy month’s blessings.

Disclaimer: This information is based on current predictions and may be subject to change. For the latest official updates on Ramadan timings and events in Dubai, please refer to the websites of the relevant government authorities:

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