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Prosper Ndlovu in Dubai, UAE
THE legacy of Zimbabwe’s first Chimurenga/Umvukela icon, Mbuya Nehanda, and that of other                      distinguished heroines is under focus as the country joins the rest of the  world in celebrating women leadership alongside the on-going Expo 2020 Dubai in the United Arab Emirates  (UAE).
With effect from today, the Zimbabwe Pavilion led by the country’s expo Commissioner-General, Ambassador Mary Mubi, will showcase the biography of Nehanda and other heroines as part of the rich national heritage and history, which is a key attraction component to visitors under the tourism arm.
Mbuya Nehanda, alongside the likes of Queen Lozikeyi, a revered and intriguing Ndebele female figure during  her time, are remembered for their boldness against the first stages of colonialism.
As part of the forthcoming Zimbabwe Expo Dubai national day activities scheduled for March 14, the Songs of Lozikeyi, a collective production by Bulawayo artistes, will also be premiered with a slant on investment  and trade, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director, Mr Nicholas Moyo, said.
The production impressed President Mnangagwa and dignitaries who attended the Bulawayo Arts Festival last year and is being curated, this time around, to project a business perspective in line with Expo Dubai national   interests.
Other countries participating at the Expo have also lined up their programmes to engage more over  celebrate their female leaders as part of the women’s month.
Yesterday Amb Mubi had a moment to engage with international stakeholders here at the Women’s Pavillion where she stressed the need to break the inherent barriers and stereotypes that impede women emancipation for the world to become a better place for   all.

“On the International Women’s Day 2022, we express our support towards understanding positive gender roles and a balance between man and women,” said Amb Mubi.
“We commit to building in the momentum for gender equality and women’s empowerment to break harmful stereotypes that hinder women’s progress.
“Let us break the barriers and make the world a better, fair and safer place where women are able to thrive and live a life of dignity and respect.”
The month of March is dedicated to telling the women’s story and during this period every year the world over commemorates the strides being achieved by women with debates focused on issues that seek to empower the female gender.
Gender equality and women empowerment are the heart of the global sustainable development goals (SDGs)  and Zimbabwe has full embraced   these under its economic development policies.
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