No charger, no problem: Recharge your phone at Expo 2020 Dubai for just Dh5 per hour – Gulf News

The power banks are available at all the eight visitor centers for Dh20 per day
Dubai: You are enjoying the Expo 2020 site, taking videos and photos of everything in sight, and your phone suddenly dies. Forgot to pack your phone charger? Don’t worry. You can rent a power bank at any of the eight visitor centers across the Expo 2020 Dubai site.
Ashir Hussain, an Expo staff we met at Visitor Center 4, close to the Sustainability Pavilion, told Gulf News: “If your phone is running out of charge, you can visit one of the Visitor Centers, scan a QR code, and rent a power bank for Dh5 for an hour, or Dh20 for 24 hours.”
The power bank has micro, type-c and iOS charging points.
So, what happens if your phone is completely drained of any battery? How do you scan the QR code?
Hussain explained that visitors are allowed to charge their phones for 5 to 10 minutes using reserve charging devices at the visitor center counters, just enough to be able to switch on their phone and scan the QR code.
“The process of payment is through an app, which you will download by scanning the QR code. That is the only method to rent the device,” he added.
Hussain also said that visitors can take the power banks around the site, and return them at any visitor center, irrespective of where they rented it from.
Another Expo staff, Afsana Ahmed explained: “The device charge lasts for four hours like most power banks. However, visitors can keep the device with them for 24 hours and even return it on the next day.”
If the visitor fails to return the power bank within 24 hours, they are charged Dh20 per day again, till they return the charger.
The additional rental charges continue for six days, by which you have paid Dh120, the cost of the power bank. The visitor can then keep the power bank.
You can rent multiple devices on the same day, and visitors can call the helpline number +971585030794, in case a power bank runs out of charge. A staff member will bring a replacement power bank to your location within the Expo site.

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