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Monday, Nov 01, 2021 | Rabi Al-Awwal 25, 1443
A year ago, as we waited for Expo 2020 Dubai with anticipation, the pandemic presented us with challenges we had not quite thought of before. While the most obvious one pertained to health, the other more daunting ones revolved around sectors that had almost come to a standstill because of Covid-19. Aviation was one of them. With many countries stopping flights and others imposing strict restrictions, flying was no longer easy. But Dubai’s resilience towers over all challenges.
This quarter has marked a phenomenal time for the emirate. While on one hand, the hugely anticipated Expo has opened a world of opportunities, showcasing nothing but the best in business, technology, science and lifestyle, it has also attracted hordes of tourists from around the world. The buzz is evident at Dubai International Airport, which had almost 13 million passengers in the first seven months of 2021 and 2.72 million passenger seats in October. In doing so, it has reclaimed its position as the world’s busiest airport, signalling remarkable recovery. And with the buzz around Expo 2020 Dubai only intensifying, this number will only rise further.
The astute leadership was quick to employ strategies that not only accelerated the recovery process but also peeked into the future in terms of economic checks and balances. And as the world witnesses the greatest show on the earth being hosted at a magnificent scale with enormous scope of innovation, Dubai’s standing as modern city with its gaze fixed into the future stands affirmed. Today, the Expo is not only a box that travellers around the world are keen to tick, it has inspired curiosity among them to see what future holds for the world. Tens and thousands of tourists are now coming to experience the city that’s buzzing with activities right now.
Following Dubai International Airport’s lead is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Frankfurt and London Heathrow. Senior officials are also expecting a further growth in this number with the Expo promising a lot more in the coming months, which should pave the way for significant footfalls for tourists to and from the world. It must be remembered that the number of passengers hosted by Dubai International this year also includes a time when travel restrictions had still been in place. In the first six months, for instance, it clocked 10.6 million passengers, which is a significant number for the time and context. The second half projected an even better figure, which it has now been able to accomplish. With right incentives and strategies, Dubai International Airport is poised for greater milestones.
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