New book on UAE’s 50 years launched at Emirates LitFest in Dubai – Gulf News

‘Exponential Emirates’ by Tom Hudson features 50 interviews of Emiratis and expats
Dubai: A new book, ‘Exponential Emirates: The Extraordinary Growth Story of the UAE’, was launched on Tuesday at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai.
Tom Hudson’s first book marks the UAE Golden Jubilee, celebrating the achievements of the first 50 years of the country, and looks forward to the next 50. The book explores Hudson’s thesis that the UAE is the “Exponential Country for the Exponential Age”, and has turned from a “start-up nation to a scale-up nation”.
The book tells the history of the country through the eyes of the people that have been, and continue to be, a part of its success, with 50 interviews, representing the fabric of Emiratis and expats who call the country home.
The book is available for pre-order as of today with Amazon Kindle, with final release date on March 29 coinciding with the eight edition of the World Government Summit, which will be held in tandem with the closing of Expo 2020 Dubai.
“It is a huge honour to unveil my book here and appear at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Documenting the history of the country through the eyes of the people who have seen it and been part of its success is so important. This is the legacy that mustn’t be lost to the passing of time, and is critical for the future,” said Hudson.
Hudson has spoken to ruling family members,ministers, CEOs, economists, futurists, scientists, technologists, artists and astronauts. The chapters are grouped into 10 sections, representing the History and Heritage of the country, Energy transition, the Economy, the Environment, Tourism, Trade, Talent, Innovation, International Cooperation and the Future.

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