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DUBAI: Following the success of its “Sense of Women” exhibition in Dubai last year, the MIA Art Collection is returning to the UAE with another female-empowering display.
Titled “Serendipity,” the arts showcase event will open its doors on Wednesday at Dubai’s Al Safa Art and Design Library.
Serendipity is derived from the Arabic word sarandib, that means to make an unexpected discovery in a happy or beneficial way. The MIA Art Collection describes art as a state of “perpetual serendipity.”
The new exhibition will bring together the works of 25 female artists from 10 Middle Eastern countries, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt.
Works by artists including Shirin Neshat, Effat Nagui, Azza Al-Qubaisi, Lulwah Al-Homoud, and Nayla Romanos Iliya will be among those on display during the three-week expo.
Curated by the MIA Art Collection team under the creative direction of founder Alejandra Castro Rioseco, the exhibition will also include pieces on loan from private collectors who, MIA said, had “selflessly opened their collections and their hearts to participate in this adventure.”
“Serendipity” will remain open to the public until March 31.
MIA is a private art collection aimed at promoting female artists and their work.
Following the opening ceremony, the MIA Art Collection will host a gala dinner and awards show on Thursday at Dubai’s Bulgari hotel, where 10 personalities will receive the prestigious MIA Award in recognition of their efforts in supporting the visibility of women in the world of art.
DUBAI: As art enthusiasts look forward to the opening of Art Dubai this weekend, Arab News sat down with the fair’s artistic director, Pablo de Val, who discussed what to expect in the event’s 15th edition.
The exhibition will be held in Madinat Jumeirah from March 11-13 and will showcase more than 100 galleries from 44 countries.
This year’s edition will include Art Dubai Digital, a new section that introduces the digital art world in a way that makes it accessible for all. 
De Val told Arab News: “It was our intention to build a bridge between the traditional and digital art worlds, and create an intersection of all generations where we conceptualize something that has been there since the 1980s right up to the newest expressions.”
The exhibition will also showcase its regular gallery sections of Contemporary, Modern and Bawwaba. 
A new series of “Bybit Talks” exploring the fundamentals of the digital art world has been added to this year’s Global Art Forum.
 Art Dubai’s artist commission for 2022, Fernando Garcia-Dory, will create a new artwork, “Inland,” examining the city’s past, present and future. 
Visitors and audiences will also be able to experience the Spanish artist’s work at locations across Dubai.
De Val discussed COVID-19 concerns while discussing preparations for this edition of the exhibition.
“I think it would be strange not to reference the pandemic at this point,” he said. “One of the wonderful things about Art Dubai is that it brings together people from all over the world, and that is also one of the challenges when it comes to regulations and restrictions that are constantly changing.” 
He added: “The priority has always been the wellbeing of our exhibitors and our guests but it’s been a very moving target.”  
Art Dubai has evolved exponentially, according to de Val, starting off as an art fair and developing into a community.
Now the artistic director believes that Dubai is seen as a focal point for the arts in the region, with Art Dubai acting as a catalyst for the city’s burgeoning arts scene. 
De Val said that the event has helped promote Dubai as a global arts center.
“In the past, the Western art scene has dominated critical art discourse and, historically, many artists from these regions studied in Paris, New York or London because this was where the best art education took place,” he said.
“I’m pleased to say this is starting to change, particularly for artists from the global south, and there are now more opportunities than ever.”
LOS ANGELES: Sony’s treasure hunting adventure “Uncharted” has found gold at the box office despite being panned by the critics, with star Mark Wahlberg crediting his chemistry with co-star Tom Holland as key to its success.
Based on the hit video game series, the film has been in the works since 2008 with Mark Wahlberg originally set to star as adventurer Nathan Drake.
The part eventually went to “Spiderman” actor Holland with Wahlberg playing his mentor.
In an interview with Arab News, Wahlberg, who plays the role of Victor “Sully” Sullivan, said the chemistry between his and Holland’s character was critical to making the movie “as good as we possibly can.
“You just wanted to see these guys on screen together. So lots of improvising, lots of playing, lots of banter back-and-forth, lots of making fun of each other, but then they really, they earn each other’s respect,” said Wahlberg.

However, their chemistry has not enamored critics.
They are calling it a bland rehash of movies such as “Indiana Jones” and “National Treasure,” although there has been praise for the individual performances of Holland and female lead Sophia Ali.
“Like I always thought of myself as the best friend character or whatever,” Ali, who plays the role of Chloe Frazer, told Arab News. “I didn’t think, I didn’t even imagine in like a hundred billion years that I’d be in a movie like this, so I’m just taking it one day at a time.”
“It’s sort of why I wanted to become an actor. It felt like it was one of those things that was going to be ever-changing, and ever-growing and ever-expanding,” added Ali. “And the industry is quite like that. There’s so much from the industry that I’ve been able to gain that I never really imagined I could.”
Theatergoers have a different view to the critics, with “Uncharted” more than doubling projections for its opening weekend, the highest of the year so far.
While movies based on video games have a reputation for low quality, “Uncharted” is proving a surprise hit with nearly $230 million at the worldwide box office, and a sequel already in the works.
PARIS/DUBAI: Chanel took guests, including tennis star Venus Williams, on a journey of discovery inside the Grand Palais Ephemere to the landscapes and colors of the Scottish countryside on the final day of Paris Fashion Week: The runway saw an ode to tweed — an exploration of the history and allure of the fabric now synonymous with the Parisian stalwart.
Models, which included British-Moroccan Nora Attal and French-Algerian Loli Bahia, stormed the runway wearing styles that evoked the colors of the actual River Tweed that flows east across the Border region in Scotland and northern England, a river that gave the storied fabric its name and that inspired house founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.
For her turn down the runway, London-based Attal stomped down the catwalk wearing a striped, multi-colored knit cardigan paired with a matching knit scarf and worn over a red, tweed slip dress, thick wool tights and shiny black kitten heels. She carried a pink flap bag over her shoulder and wore a micro version of the iconic French house’s signature bag around her neck.
When it came to Bahia, the 19-year-old looked glamorous in a sleeveless, sequin minidress, red thick-ribbed tights, and black heels.
“We followed the footsteps of Gabrielle Chanel along the River Tweed, to imagine tweeds in the colors of this landscape,” said Virginie Viard of the collection. Thus the designer, who replaced Karl Lagerfeld following his death in 2019, continued her creative journey through the life and inspirations of the house founder. In previous seasons, that has included a collection dedicated to the orphanage at which Chanel grew up.
On Tuesday, it was a chapter tracing the later years of the fashion icon, when she lived and stayed in Scotland, and where she “would gather ferns and bouquets of flowers to inspire the local artisans for the tones she wanted.”
Signature house skirt suits and wrapped-up woolen styles came in muted tones of pinks, burgundies, blues and purples. They were dappled, like the hues in nature, thanks to the unique weave of the textured and irregular fabric weft. Guests sat on tweed-upholstered seats, clutching invites made of matching pink material.
The show was also a history lesson: Chanel lived in Scotland when she was the mistress of the Duke of Westminster in the 1920s, and she would wear his jackets. The collection’s menswear elements included flat boxy jackets with loose proportions and large retro pockets.
DUBAI: US-Egyptian actor Rami Malek is set to present the Academy Awards ceremony this month. 
The Oscar and Golden Globe winner will join a long list of hosts that features actors Simu Liu, Uma Thurman, Lily James, Ruth E. Carter and John Leguizamo. 
The stars who were previously announced to present the event include Lady Gaga, Chris Rock, Kevin Costner, Zoë Kravitz, Rosie Perez and Yuh-jung Youn.
The academy will reveal names of more hosts in the coming weeks. The winners of last year’s awards often present the awards for this year. The show airs live on March 27 on ABC. 
In 2019, Malek was the first actor of Arab descent to win the best actor trophy, deemed one of the highest acting awards in the film industry. He won for his role as late rock legend Freddie Mercury in biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
DUBAI: US music producer Marshmello is set to perform at Expo 2020 Dubai on March 10, organizers announced on Tuesday.
The DJ will meet his fans and lovers of electronic music at 8:30 p.m. (Dubai time) at the Jubilee stage.

A post shared by Expo 2020 Dubai (@expo2020dubai)
As Expo 2020 Dubai prepares to wrap up its six-month event on March 31, organizers are hosting multiple concerts.
Some of the stars performing this month include Emirati composer Hussain Al-Jassmi on Wednesday, British-Irish singer Chris de Burgh on Friday, Filipino musician Ely Buendia on Saturday, and Iraqi-Saudi singer Majid Al-Mohandis, and Iraqi songstress Aseel Hameem on March 15.


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