Maestros Hariharan, Ustad Rashid Khan and Pandit Bickram Ghosh to perform in Dubai – Gulf News

Singers Hariharan, Ustad Rashid Khan and Pandit Bickram Ghosh will unite for a concert
Singers Hariharan, Ustad Rashid Khan and Pandit Bikram Ghosh will join forces for a night of classical music at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at the Indian High School on March 20.
National Award-winning Indian talent Hariharan is a long-enduring musical figure in the Indian playback and ghazal scene. He has sung more than 15,000 songs several Indian languages including Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. He’s a pioneer in the Indian fusion music landscape and was honoured with the Padma Shri by the government of India in 2004. He has also sung in Bhojpuri, Marathi, and Kannada films.
Hariharan isn’t the only highlight. The night will shine the spotlight on the musical ingenuity of Ustad Rashid Khan.
Ustad Rashid Khan is an Indian classical musician in the Hindustani music tradition. He belongs to the Rampur-Sahaswan gharana, and is the great-grandson of gharana founder Inayat Hussain Khan. Joining these two forces of classical music is Bickram Ghosh.
Ghosh is one of the most well-known names in the world of Indo-fusion music. Having performed the world over with the greatest names in classical music, Ghosh form his band Rhythmscape. His albums were nominated for Grammys including George Harrison’s “Brainwashed”. He played on “Full Circle” with Pandit Ravi Shankar which won Shankar a Grammy. His successful solo albums such as ‘Folktail’, ‘Drum Invasion’, ‘Kingdom of Rhythm’, ‘Interface’ helped in consolidating his position as a picneer of a new fusion sound. Ghosh has also composed for dozens of feature films.
The son and disciple of the tabla maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh and well known vocalist Sanjukta Ghosh, Ghosh also learnt the nuances of Carnatic percussion from mridangam maestro Pandit S. Sekhar. He also learnt the intricacies of accompaniment from Pandit Ravi Shankar.
Tickets to the evening cost Dh75, Dh100, Dh125, Dh200 and Dh500. The gates open at 7pm, while the show starts at 7.30pm.
Log onto BookMyShow and Platinumlist for tickets.

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