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UAE residents who have lost their passport can apply for an exit permit via ICP or GDRFA
Dubai: Have you lost your passport and you need to travel outside the UAE? You can travel with an exit permit.
On April 12, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) put up a post on their official social medical channels informing residents and visitors in the UAE about how they can issue an exit permit online via the authority’s official website –
Here is how to issue a permit online, the required documents and the cost of the service.
If your visa was issued by any Emirate except Dubai, you need to apply for an exit permit through ICP, via its website or service centres. However, if your visa was issued in Dubai, you would need to apply for an exit permit at a General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) service centre.
The application and documents for issuing an exit permit via ICP or GDRFA are the same.
• Passport or travel document from the embassy or consulate.

• Lost letter report from the police.

• A copy of the travel ticket.

• Two personal photos of the applicant.

In addition, you must obtain a travel document from your consulate. Travel documents or emergency certificates are usually issued by consulates for citizens who have lost their passport. Every country’s consulate has their own procedure for registering travel documents. Therefore, you must check with your country’s consulate before applying for an exit permit.
1. Visit the service link:
2. Click on ‘Start service’
3. Fill out the following information in the application form:
· Full name
· Email address
· Phone number
· Date of birth
4. Next, attach the necessary documents for issuing an exit permit – if you have lost your passport.
5. After submitting the application form, you will then need to settle the fees for the exit permit, electronically with your debit/credit card
6. You will then receive an SMS on your phone number or email informing you about the status of your application. When the application form for the exit permit is accepted, you will receive an update notifying you that the process is complete.
• Request fees: Dh100

• Issuance fees: Dh100

• Electronic service fee: Dh50
If you are a Dubai resident, you must issue an exit permit with GDRFA, but to apply for the process, you have to visit a GDRFA service centre or Amer centre.
When you visit the Amer centre, you will have to request for an application to issue an exit permit. Once you have completed filling out application form, along with attaching the required documents to the service officer, you will have to settle the fees.
• Service fee: Dh200

• Dh20 is added per transaction

• Collection commission: Dh50 for companies, Dh15 for individuals

• In case that the application is submitted through AMER Centers, a fee of Dh100 will be added.

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