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The visually striking structure is one of the most popular at the fair
The Russian Pavilion is of the most striking pavilion exteriors from the outside as you stroll around the Expo 2020 Dubai, and it’s also one of the most popular ones. The lines are always long and no wonder – it looks exciting with multicoloured spirals going around a massive dome.
Designed by Tchoban SPEECH and the constant threads around the globe are meant to symbolize the ‘endless process of cognition, rapidly growing speed of progress and the unstoppable movement forward’. The author and design of the main exposition, however, is Simpateka Entertainment Group.
Those who venture inside are up for a fact-based journey. It’s an especially great opportunity to learn for young ones. There is also a small café on the ground floor for kids where you can relax and play with them in a stimulating environment.
As you enter a large hall, an entertaining echo welcomes you. Children enjoy it immensely as they whoop with joy, and their delightful giggles can be heard across the pavilion’s lobby.
Passport stampings are done on the left, but you are supposed to enter from the right and look around the various achievements Russia has had over the years. Various models of the Russian pavilions at the Expos over the years are on display on an island.
There is a separate room on the right that takes you through facts about Russia and its achievements through visually stunning screens and made-to-scale models of buildings and cities. To the right, there is a screen that showcases Russian scientists and their achievements.
Russian artefacts ranging from teacups to key chains are displayed as you move into the gift shop. There’s intricate painting and artistry involved, and the designs, while seeming universal, have a decidedly unique flavour to them.
An elevator takes you to the main room above, which is also circular and educates you about the human brain and how we perceive the world around us. According to the voiceover, different ‘minds’ help us understand and comprehend the world.
A large replica of the human brain with its spine stands in the centre of the room. You can learn about how the mind works, and children can enjoy the LED floor that mimics neurons in different colours.
“There are different aspects of our cognitive brain, different minds,” says an explanatory screen on the walls of the round room. “Without them, humanity could not have achieved all the beautiful things that it has. We can rightfully consider them as the gifts of our brains.”
The emotional, the learning and the social mind are among the ‘five minds’. The pavilion also showcases how the world is seen through the eyes of different animals such as snakes, horses and chameleons.
Another display educates the visitors about ‘degrees’ of separations. You can choose different celebrities across the world and see how they are connected. You can check how Rihanna and Akira Kurosawa were connected through their degrees of separation with a live interactive map!
The pavilion celebrates the various contributions of Russia in the field of music, literature, medicine, scientific discoveries and currently how Russia is a centre of many achievements.
An interactive Russian encyclopedia is also present on the upper floor, which takes you through all these achievements. Did you know that Vladimir Mukhin’s restaurant ‘White Rabbit’ was listed among the 100 best restaurants in the world?
There are also various events happening in December in the Russian Pavilion in the next few months. For example, you can experience a large-scale Russian cultural festival will take place from January 6 to 13. In addition, there are also film screenings from Russia that will take place during February at the Russian Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.
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