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Alwaleed Philanthropies, Mandela Legacy Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among others to take part in the summit.
EXPO 2020 DUBAI, UAE – Some of the world’s top givers along with leading humanitarian experts and professionals are expected to meet up in Dubai for this year’s edition of the International Humanitarian Summit (IHS), which will be held on March 30, 2022, at the South 2A Hall of the Dubai Exhibition Center, Expo 2020. The event, which is being held under the theme, "Building a strong global humanitarian society for a better world," is being positioned as an important milestone in the ongoing efforts to create worldwide cooperation and unity-increasing public understanding and awareness on timely humanitarian issues and concepts like the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence.
According to the show's organizers, several of the world's top philanthropists have already expressed their interest and confirmed their presence at this historic event. These include Her Royal Highness Princess Lamia Bint Majed Saud AlSaud, Secretary General, Alwaleed Philanthropies; Zondwa Mandela, Chairman, Mandela Legacy Foundation; and Giuseppe Saba, Chief Executive Officer, International Humanitarian City (IHC), to name a few. The summit will showcase highly interactive features that stand for top humanitarian values like neutrality, impartiality, and independence–characteristics that we lack nowadays in many places around the world.
Shakira Akbar, IHS Director said, “We are more than ready to welcome and host the visit of some of the world's premier names in philanthropy–including leading experts, professionals and also top givers. Our goal for this year's historic edition is to serve as a catalyst in the forging of global creation and unity, while also becoming a highly preferred venue to discuss timely humanitarian concerns and creating solutions to help address them.”
The International Humanitarian Summit is being presented through the support of its founding partners, which include Al Waleed Philanthropies and the Mandela Legacy Foundation. Other partners for the event are the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (Strategic Partner), International Humanitarian City (Strategic Partner), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Supporting Partner), United Network of Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (Supporting Partner), Union of Arab Chambers (Supporting Partner), Fundacion Saldarriaga Concha (Supporting Partner), and the Humanitarian Library (Supporting Partner).
Key highlights of the event will include an art and photo gallery featuring the works of photojournalist Mohamed Amin and Project Fuel, which is out on the mission to create the world's first and largest database of life lessons-all coming from different people of all walks of life openly sharing their emotions and experiences. Another feature of the event is the International Humanitarian Library, the only inter- agency, inter-sector, crowd-sourced and community-moderated platform in the humanitarian space.
Organizers of the show promise a fully-packed agenda for the day-long event, which will kick off with with an opening ceremony to be graced by Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Lamia Bint Majed Saud AlSaud, Secretary-General, Alwaleed Philanthropies, and Zondwa Mandela, Chairman, Mandela Legacy Foundation. This will be followed by a series of presentations and panel; discussions, which include "The International Humanitarian City, Sharing our Dubai Model from the Largest Humanitarian Hub in the World" "Global extreme Poverty, Post Pandemic Effect – Under-nutrition as an Aggravating Death Factor" and "Disability Inclusion – Protection Tools for People with Disabilities in Dangerous Contexts. "Also not to be missed is a special interview with Valerie Nkambang Bemo, Deputy Director, Global Development, Bill " Melinda Gates Foundation, where she will talk about the "Role of Philanthropist During Times of Uncertainty and Crisis."The event will be capped off with a special discussion on the "Primary Role of Private Sector/CSRs/International Organizations in creating a better humanitarian society,"which will be paneled by Hani Khabbaz, Director General, Syria Recovery Trust Fund, and Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Start-ups Middle East, Turkey " Pakistan.
World leading experts and professionals in the field of philanthropy who have confirmed their presence at the show include Dr. Iman Bibars, Regional Director, Ashoka Arab World; Dr. Mohamed El-Karamany, Director, The Egyptian Food Bank’s Growth Lab, " Adjunct Professor of public policy, AUC; Kristin Hall, Head of Major Donors and N4G Strategy, Partnerships " Brands, Power of Nutrition; Dr. Mariwan Baker, Chairman, Bring Hope Foundation; and Soraya Montoya, Executive Director, Fundacion Saldarriaga Concha, to name a few.
"We look forward to the success of this year's show, which will eventually result in the generation of a better understanding of key humanitarian issues and concerns. The event will feature a series of sessions led by prominent individuals putting the spotlight on relevant and informative topics to promote peace, freedom, justice, equality and other fundamental humanitarian issues," concluded Akbar.
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