Leadership's expectations, vision for wellbeing constitute trust, responsibility towards future: Hessa Bint Buhumaid – WAM EN

Wed 15-12-2021 21:12 PM
DUBAI, 15th December 2021 (WAM) – Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development, Chairperson of the Wellbeing Council, presided over the third meeting of the Wellbeing Council of 2021 held by the Ministry's National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing in Expo 2020 Dubai, to discuss the wellbeing files, government developments, and the latest development successful stories, together with a number of proposals and initiatives based on futuristic vision to achieve a better wellbeing for the coming years, and to create adequate conditions and realities on the ground to embody national goals and government aspirations in this regard.
The meeting was attended by members of the Wellbeing Council from undersecretaries of ministries, officials of government agencies and institutions, officials in the executive councils at the level of the emirates, in addition to the officials in charge of the wellbeing file in the Ministry of Community Development.
In her speech during the meeting, Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid asserted the importance and significance of the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may Allah protect him: "the achievements of the UAE during the current year of 2021 were amazing in all aspects." This message has great moral impact on the wellbeing initiatives in the UAE. The Emirati passport is ranked as the most powerful over the world, our country is the safest, and people's confidence in the government is the highest over the world.
Buhumaid stressed the importance of aligning and keeping pace with the visions, plans and initiatives of the Wellbeing Council with the expectations of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His Highness said: "My personal expectations are that 2022 will be better, more beautiful and greater with our cadres, our youth, and our determination as a country that enters the new fiftieth with confidence and readiness."
She stated that "the message of the leadership is crystal clear. We all have the responsibility of building our future. We are required to work more to achieve greater results, especially that this meeting is held during times when our country is achieving exceptional and remarkable developments, whether with respect to the pandemic recovery achievements or in terms of the great success of organizing Expo 2020 Dubai, the most important and largest world event, or even with regard to the approval of the new weekly working system for the UAE and its happy impact on the wellbeing of the individual, family and society.
Buhumaid added: "The UAE has always been a cradle of success, and will always remain a role model of wellbeing in the Arab world, regionally and globally. Every day, people of the country will tell new successful stories marked with hope, excellence and pride in our last and future achievements."
Within the agenda of the Wellbeing Council meeting, Hanan Ahli, the Director-General of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC), delivered a speech about the results of the UAE’s competitiveness in global indicators, summarizing the UAE’s exceptional development experience over the past 50 years that the UAE is the first globally in 152 indicators, among the top 5 in 274 indicators, and among the top 10 countries in 425 global indicators. In addition, the UAE achieved great accomplishments in the infrastructure and legislation in order to achieve its leadership. In the UAE, there are 900 national and open data sets and 2,562 lawful legislations that enhance its global competitiveness.
For her part, Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Director General of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, reviewed the new weekly working system for the UAE government, the new mechanisms for dealing with it, and the most prominent advantages and opportunities that this system provides for the employee, family and society.
The meeting included also presentation of the results of the Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers Government Network meeting, which was held few days back in the presence of 50 CEOs from 50 government agencies and came up with 12 main ideas and discussed more than 100 sub-ideas.
The third Wellbeing Council meeting also discussed the plan of the 2021 Virtual Forum for Wellbeing, the schedule of meetings of the Wellbeing Council 2022, as well as the coming steps that aim for enhancing joint work efforts in support of the wellbeing file at the State level.


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