Kerten receives 'Most Innovative Lifestyle Hospitality Group' award – Arab News
Leading the hospitality industry in the Middle East region, Kerten Hospitality, a mixed-use lifestyle operator, has received global recognition for its commitment to innovation, sustainability and service excellence in lifestyle hospitality.
UK’s Global Brands Magazine, one of the largest brand publications in the world, has awarded the organization Most Innovative Lifestyle Hospitality Group – Middle East 2021.
This annual accolade is given to the group for standing out among the industry leaders demonstrating exceptional service and unique vision.
In Saudi Arabia, Kerten Hospitality has recently opened its lifestyle destination in Jeddah that connects people and brings a new edge to the city’s trendy area.
The House Hotel Jeddah CityYard is the place to rest, dine and socialize in the modern hotel with 114 rooms, 14 dining options that dazzle palates and a picturesque panoramic rooftop view from the pool that has quickly turned into the go-to destination for live music and entertainment.
The house has become home to famous local and international visitors, all positively surprised to find such a transformative experience in Saudi Arabia today.
This is one of Kerten Hospitality’s mixed-use projects and a pipeline of 6 openings in 2022, a series of announcements about new curated projects along with an entry into new geographies with a growing team of distinguished professionals.
Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality said: “We are thrilled to have been recognized as the leading lifestyle hospitality player in the region we have entered only six years ago. Today, we are building more than 35 sustainable lifestyle destinations globally with a focus on the local community, entrepreneurship, empowerment and soft touch hospitality focused on ESG, entertainment, connecting local and international travelers, for our community of owners who are well established, well-traveled, successful business people, and whom by taking notice of the changing world want to be part of that change, with high yield long-term investments that become the talk of the town.”
Knippenberg added: “Recently, we have signed up to enter new markets such as the UAE, Italy and Morocco. Egypt, Kuwait, Georgia and the UAE, are the next destinations set to open in 2022, with a pipeline supporting the opening of minimum 10 projects in 2023! For our lifestyle footprint growth, we are thankful to our visionary owners who have welcomed us as their extended hand and with whom we would like to share this global win.”
About Kerten Hospitality’s win, the Global Brand Magazine stated: “Your company was selected from a very competitive group of entrants, all of whom demonstrated unique and exceptional service delivery towards evolving Hospitality sectors. Kerten Hospitality was awarded this honor for its commitment to innovation, sustainability and service excellence.”
The Global Brand Awards were established with the aim of honoring excellence in performance and rewarding companies across different sectors.
It was a proud moment for Lulu Hypermarket in Saudi Arabia when Assistant Minister of Culture Hamed bin Mohammed Fayez presented a memento of recognition on behalf of Saudi Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan to director of Saudi Arabia LuLu Hypermarket Shehim Mohammed for the LuLu Group’s innovative and contemporary support of Arabic calligraphy.
The ceremony took place on Dec. 22 at the National Museum in Riyadh in the presence of VIPs, government officials and other cultural figures of the Kingdom.
It was the culmination of the Saudi Ministry of Culture’s unique efforts to preserve, promote and celebrate the history and aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy in the Year of Arabic Calligraphy 2021.
As the only retail operator to participate in the campaign, the 24 stores in LuLu Hypermarket, Saudi Arabia successfully reimagined the flowing lines and rich historic imagery of Arabic calligraphy and aesthetics in specially designed artwork on all point of sale materials such as LuLu Shopping bags, reusable bags and delivery boxes.
“We are honored and proud of our meaningful participation in the Saudi Ministry of Culture’s unique efforts to preserve, promote and celebrate the history and aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy in the Year of Arabic Calligraphy 2021,” said Mohammed. “We believe that our efforts helped to reimagine the modern context and contemporary relevance of the timeless beauty of Arabic calligraphy in an everyday frame.”
LuLu’s initiative to support the ministry was part of the group’s commitment to promote local culture and community initiatives.
When you crave the golden bite-sized pieces of joy, the chicken McNuggets, and wonder what they are made of, you are most likely to look it up on the internet or ask a friend. Have you ever asked the source?
McDonald’s Your Right To Know website provides all answers to your questions with full transparency. Whether you are wondering about the chicken source or the way the McNuggets are prepared in the restaurant’s kitchen.
In fact, following thorough investigation, it is quite clear that the iconic McDonald’s chicken McNuggets are clearly labeled. 
This means that they contain 100 percent pure halal chicken, which does not include any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 
The nuggets are then seasoned and mixed with the special tempura batter, which is typically made of wheat flour and starch mixed with spice and pepper. 
The tiny chicken pieces get cooked using 100 percent  vegetarian mix of rapeseed and sunflower oil,  adding the extra crisp.
In the GCC, McDonald’s restaurants source their chicken nuggets from three different countries: Malaysia, UAE, Jordan. 
All chicken products are prepared from the best halal 100 percent  pure chicken breast that can be traced back to the original supplier where the chicken gets manually deboned and skinned to guarantee the best quality possible in the production process.
Finally, did you know that the chicken McNuggets have four distinct shapes? The ball, the bell, the boot and the bow tie!
Next time you dip them into your favorite sauce, don’t forget to choose your ideal shape.
It’s no surprise that people all over the world rely on the Uber app to take them from one place to another. No matter where you go, the Uber app always stays the same, providing peace of mind without having to worry about how to get around.
Residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia seem to agree that the country tops the list for using the Uber app the most when traveling abroad. Joining other EMEA citizens in the Top10 list are those based in France, Germany and the UK.
It’s not just Saudi Arabia that has made it to the list released by Uber. Our neighboring countries seem to have found popularity as well among Uber riders.
Comparing trips from 2019 to 2021, Uber reveal that the world agrees with cities in the Middle East’s placings in the Top 10 most popular EMEA cities for Uber riders.
Most popular EMEA cities among Uber riders: Coming in at number five is Dubai, home to the tallest building in the world, as well as some of Uber’s most frequent riders. The majority of Dubai residents are also vaccinated, so the Emirate is well on its way to recovery from the pandemic.
It’s no surprise that Dubai made it to this list in 2021, since it plays host to Expo 2020 Dubai, an event which brings the world together to address some of the biggest priorities facing the world today.
With dedicated pickup and drop-off areas, Dubai’s residents and international visitors can walk straight into Expo 2020 Dubai without worrying about parking or directions.
Cairo came in at number eight. A bustling, modern metropolis meets relics of the ancient world in this dynamic and exciting city, making it the ideal city to live in or visit for a short break.
This isn’t the first time Cairo has broken records at Uber. Leveraging its tech, Uber launched the global first mass transport solution on the streets of Egypt with Uber Bus to provide a low-cost option while also reducing congestion and battles over parking spaces.
Other new cities that made it to the top 10 list include Athens, Greece; Kyiv, Ukraine; and Algarve, Portugal while cities such as London, England; Madrid, Spain; and Paris, France.
Most popular international cities amongst Uber riders:  Zooming out to the international stage, Dubai retains its position as one of the most popular cities amongst Uber riders, coming in at number 10. One of only two new cities to join the top 10, Dubai joins international hot spots like New York City, Miami and Toronto.
The top three cities these international visitors hail from is Saudi Arabia followed by the UK and the US. As we welcome back the glorious Middle Eastern winter weather, Dubai becomes a prime vacation destination, welcoming tourists who are looking to escape the frosty cold in favor of sun, sand and sea.
With millions of rides requested over the app in the Middle East alone, Uber is there for you, whether for your daily commute or while you’re out exploring the world.
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare has been re-accredited and maintained “Mowaamah” gold status standing with a high score of 99 percent. “Mowaamah” is an accreditation by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development designed for organizations who wish to enhance their work environments to be comprehensive and more supportive of persons with disabilities.
Organizations awarded Gold certifications have a 70-100 percent compliance level, and the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare  is 99 percent compliant.
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare COO Salem Al-Shehry announced the organization’s continuous commitment to providing an inclusive and adaptive environment for everyone, including patients, family members, visitors and employees.
“In harmony with Saudi Vision 2030, the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare  endeavors to enable everyone, including persons with disabilities, to be integrated, independent and to feel respected. We are determined to provide an accessible, inclusive environment at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, where education, job opportunities, and staff retention are conducted without discrimination,” he said.
“The Persons with Disabilities subcommittee continued its commitment to facilitate person-centeredness at our organization and make it sustainable.
“For us, the certification is a mean to an end, our focus is the patient journey, creating the right changes in our environment for better support and accessibility,” said Tatiana Mezerhane, chairperson, Persons with Disabilities Subcommittee.
At the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, the sub-committee for Person with Disabilities provides oversight to the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Disability Supportive Improvement Plan to ensure that Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare’s governance, recruitment policies, premises, products, services, equipment and training programs are inclusive for persons with disabilities.
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare is among the few healthcare organizations kingdom-wide that chose to pursue the ministry’s initiative and to reflect its standard in its policies, processes and day-to-day procedures to create a sustainable culture.
Investcorp, a leading global provider and manager of alternative investment products, hosted a group of Eisenhower Fellows on Dec. 5 at Expo 2020 Dubai, the first World Expo event hosted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region.
The group was headed by George de Lama, president of Eisenhower Fellows, and included 13 trustees and member fellows from the Middle East and Asia.
The event took place at Investcorp’s corporate lounge at Expo 2020 Dubai and is part of the firm’s commitment to fostering meaningful economic collaboration across the world.
Investcorp has a leading presence at Expo 2020 Dubai, hosting a series of events, meetings, thought leadership sessions and global conversations, bringing together industry leaders and experts from its 14 offices across three continents.
Throughout the two days, the fellows learned about Investcorp’s international footprint, its global investment strategies, and its commitment to responsible business practices.
The fellows also experienced the “best of Expo,” visiting the Singapore, US, China and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pavilions, amongst others, on a VIP guided tour.
Hosting the fellows were Investcorp’s head of MENA and Southeast Asia Investments Walid Majdalani, and head of UAE and Oman
for Private Wealth Tarek AlMahjoub along with key executives from Investcorp’s Private Equity Middle East and North Africa
and Private Wealth teams.
Commenting on the visit, Mohammed Alardhi, Executive Chairman of Investcorp said: “It was an honor to host the Eisenhower Fellows at Expo 2020 Dubai. This program is an integral part of our commitment, as a global firm, to building cultural bridges and supporting education across the key markets where we operate. We are truly proud of our historical relationship with the Eisenhower Fellowships and will continue to support the important role they hold in fostering international positive change.”
De Lama said: “In today’s world, economic collaboration has never been more important. In Investcorp, we have a partner who shares this fundamental philosophy, and as we look ahead, we relish the opportunity to continue working together to promote positive change. The Dubai Expo Program is a platform to showcase the innovative work being done in the UAE and we are proud to have participated alongside Investcorp.”
Eisenhower Fellowships is a private, nonprofit organization that identifies, empowers and connects innovative leaders through a transformative fellowship experience and lifelong engagement in a global network of dynamic change agents committed to creating a more peaceful, prosperous and just world.


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