Jordanian bank manager in Amman wins $1 million in Dubai Duty Free draw – Gulf News

Ehab Abussaffaqa bought the ticket online; three others win luxury cars
Dubai: A Jordanian bank manager in Amman is the latest winner of $1 million (Dh3.67 million) in the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw, held today at Concourse B of Dubai International Airport.
Ehab Abussaffaqa, 42, emerged winner in Millennium Millionaire in Series 384 with ticket number 3032, which he had purchased online on February 24.
A regular participant in Dubai Duty Free’s promotion for five years now, Abussaffaqa is a resident of Amman for ten years.
“I don’t know what to say, I cannot believe this. Thank you so much Dubai Duty Free!” Abussaffaqa said. He is the 14th Jordanian national to have won $1 million since the start of the Millennium Millionaire promotion in 1999.
Today’s Millennium Millionaire draw was conducted by Colm McLoughlin, Dubai Duty Free’s Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO; Salah Tahlak, the Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services; and Sinead El Sibai, Senior Vice-President Marketing.
Following the Millennium Millionaire draw, a presentation to the previous winner of $1 million in Series 383 took place. Talha Hussain Akhtar Hussain, winner of $1 million in Millennium Millionaire Series 383, with ticket number 0801, travelled to Dubai from Oman to receive his ceremonial cheque. Upon receiving his ceremonial cheque, he said: “Thank you Dubai Duty Free. It was lovely to meet you all and I am humbled for this amazing win.”
Following the presentation, the Finest Surprise draw was conducted for three luxury vehicles. Joining in the draw line-up was Michael Schmidt, Senior Vice-President, Retail.
Saleh Al Shawa, a 51-year-old Jordanian national based in Dubai, won a Porsche Panamera (Volcano Grey Metallic) car, with ticket number 0313 in Finest Surprise Series 1799, which he had purchased online on February 26. Al Shawa is now a two-time Finest Surprise winner with Dubai Duty Free. He had recently won a BMW R 1250 R (Mineral Grey Metallic) motorbike, with ticket number 0938, in Finest Surprise Series 482 on January 5 this year.
Commenting on his second win, he said: “What an amazing year! After winning a motorbike in January, now I won a car. Now I’m excited to receive a third call from Dubai Duty Free, informing me that I won the $1 million.”
Meanwhile, Mubash Musthafa, a 33-year-old Indian national based in Doha won an Indian Chief Bobber Darkhorse (Green Smoke) motorbike, with ticket number 0541, in Finest Surprise Series 489, which he had purchased online on February 28.
A resident of Doha for ten years now, Musthafa, works as a logistic officer for a contracting company in Doha and could not believe that he had won this motorbike with his first-ever Finest Surprise ticket. “This is unbelievable! I’ve been buying tickets for similar promotions from other companies, but I never won. I’m very very happy, Dubai Duty Free is the best!”
Dicson Das, a 31-year-old Indian national based in Dubai won a BMW R 1250 R (Black Storm Metallic) motorbike, with ticket number 0187, in Finest Surprise Series 490, which he had purchased online on February 24. A regular participant in Dubai Duty Free’s promotion since 2020, Das, who works as an accountant for an audit firm, had bought seven tickets for Series 490. “I always believe that one day, Dubai Duty Free will change my life and that day has finally come. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing win!” he said.

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