Is iCademy Middle East the solution for learning loss? – Gulf News

Many parents consider iCademy to be a stable and trusted alternative for quality education
As students, parents, and teachers continue to grapple with the longest global disruption in the history of modern education, education experts are exploring ways to mitigate the long-term effects of learning loss.
“Learning loss describes the academic skills students lose when they miss a significant amount of time from school,” says Jeffrey Smith, Director of School Partnerships iCademy Middle East. “Learning loss also occurs when recently taught skills are not reinforced. According to numerous published reports, the learning loss caused by Covid-19 school interruptions, costs students five months’ worth of academic achievement during the first year of the pandemic alone. We are now in year three.”
“Three years since the pandemic disrupted all education norms, most experts agree that online learning, in some shape or form, is here to stay. And while this reality is met with mixed feelings among parents and educators alike, it is important to know that all online or remote learning is not the same. We must draw a clear distinction between the way brick-and-mortar schools valiantly transitioned to remote learning on five days’ notice, and iCademy Middle East’s structured and researched-based system,” says Smith.
“Whether it’s a medical challenge, family relocation, or a performer who needs time away from school, iCademy Middle East was purposely built to offer students a continuity in their education regardless of circumstances”, says Diane Claver, iCademy Middle East’s Head of School.
Based on the skyrocketing number of enrollments during the off-peak season, it looks like many parents are finding iCademy Middle East to be a stable and trusted alternative for quality education.

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