Inmates of Sharjah jail visit Expo 2020 Dubai virtually – Gulf News

Inmates watch the events at different pavilions live on a daily basis
Sharjah: The Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishment in the General Command of Sharjah Police has launched an initiative for inmates titled ‘Visit Expo 2020 Dubai’. The initiative is being conducted virtually.
They inmates were briefed about the activities at the global mega event.
Colonel Mona Sorour, Deputy Director of the Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishments, Lt Col Salem Al Ketbi, Director of the Men’s Prison Branch, and a number of officers of the institution attended the event.
The initiative, which will continue until the end of the global event in March, came with the aim to familiarise the inmates with the knowledge, history and cultural aspects from around the world.
The initiative included a package of cultural events and competitions for the inmates at the pavilions of the participating countries in Expo 2020 Dubai.
Colonel Sorour stressed the institution’s endeavour to open the door for permanent participation of its inmates at international events that will help them better integrate with society and be active participants in social events.
Captain Khalfan Salem Bin Shaqwa, Director of the Educational and Rehabilitation Branch of the Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishment in Sharjah, told Gulf News that the inmates watch the events at different pavilions live on a daily basis via the Expo 2020 Dubai channels. Around 25 inmates attended the event for two-hour sessions, with a break in between.
At the Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishment in Sharjah, a hall has been prepared for this purpose, equipped with a large screen. Depending upon inmate numbers, another hall will also be used for the purpose, officials said.
The inmates are briefed daily about the schedule of events at Expo 2020 Dubai and anyone who wishes to attend the event needs to first register his or her name with the facilities administration.
According to the authorities, Indian and Pakistani inmates have shown a lot of interest to watch the celebrations on special occasions at the pavilions of their respective countries.
The inmates can watch the events at the different pavilions all through the week, except weekends.
However, in case any inmate wishes to watch any special event at any of the pavilions during the weekend, then jail authorities have staff working 24 hours to help them fulfil their wish.
Most of the inmates wanted to see the fireworks display at Al Wasl Dome on the occasion of 50th National Day.

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