Indebted widow of organ donor, who saved 3 lives in Dubai, returns to India; thanks Gulf News – Gulf News

45 year old received help to clear dues after Gulf News featured her plight last year
Dubai: An indebted widow of an organ donor who saved three lives when he died of a brain stroke in Dubai last year has returned to her home country after clearing her rental dues, thanks to the help she received after Gulf News carried her story.
Ahead of World Humanitarian Day (August 19) last year, a despaired Khushbuben Nileshkumar Chitaniya, an Indian expat from Surat in the western Indian state of Gujarat, had shared her miserable plight with Gulf News, saying she was desperate to find a way out.
Her husband Chitaniya, a 55-year-old AC technician, ran a small shop in Bur Dubai, and suffered a severe brain stroke following a walk on July 11.Subsequently, he went into a coma and was put on the ventilator.
As the 45-year-old Khushbuben struggled to come to terms with the situation, she knew that her husband wanted to potentially donate his organs.
“I knew there was little hope for him. On the second day that he was lying on the hospital bed, I found myself placing my hand on his to reconfirm the organ donation wish as he would save other lives,” she had said, adding, “My husband passed away on July 17, but he could save three other lives by donating his vital organs which were in perfect condition.”
The widowed Khushbuben’s personal loss was compounded by unpaid rents, overstay fines and a travel ban.
At the time, she was legally bound to clear her debts but did not have the money. “I need whatever support I can to pay up these dues at the earliest and be with my 20-year-old daughter who has had to discontinue her studies in Gujarat under the circumstances,” she had said.
‘Thank you so much Gulf News’
Speaking to Gulf News from her home in Surat on Tuesday, Khushbuben said, “Thank you so much Gulf News for telling my story. I received so much support after the article was published. So many people read it and reached out to me. My special thanks to the Mayank Kumar Ambala Patel family and every single person who helped me to pay my debts and travel to India to be with my daughter.”
Bindu Chettur, advocate and panel lawyer at the Pravasi Bharatiya Sahaya Kendra (PBSK) under the Consulate General of India, which Khushbuben had approached for support, said Khushbuben flew back to India on Saturday.
“We are very grateful that things turned out this way. Gulf News played a pivotal role in featuring her case as she was in a desperate situation. When her article was published, businessman and philantropist Mayank Kumar Ambala Patel of the Shola Group, came forward to provide substantial support. Another Indian expat Kusum Datta rallied around for her air ticket. We are also very thankful to Indian People’s Forum President Jitendra Vaidya and his team as they first brought this case to light.”
Chettur said, “This was a very special case considering what the woman’s husband did. His organ donations gave a new lease of life to others and the family even received a letter of appreciation from the authorities.”
A copy of the letter which Khushbuben had shown to Gulf News earlier, said: “The wonderful gift of life that Nileshkumar Arvindbhai Chitaniya so unselfishly gave contributed to saving the lives of other organ failure patients and gave them hope for transplant.”
Chitaniya was referred to as “one of the heroes” of the community.
“We would like to highly appreciate Nileshkumar’s family for their humanitarian support to save other organ failure patients. There are no words that can express the immense gratitude for the gift their loved ones gave and the decision that they all made as a family to save other lives. Organ donation saves and transforms the lives of those lucky enough to receive a transplant. Thank you once again, rest assured that Nileshkumar’s gift is invaluable,” the letter added.

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