"I Didn't Realise the Sand Was Real" – Jack Grealish Opens Up on Expo 2020 Dubai Experience – Sports Illustrated

As many of the club's first-team players have jetted off to all corners of the globe in the past week during Manchester City's winter break, the club's £100 million man decided on Dubai as his destination for rest and recovery.
Grealish – who has been joined by Manchester City teammate Ruben Dias – recently attended the much-publicised Expo 2020 event in the UAE, where he answered questions from attending fans.
Speaking during the Q&A session, Jack Grealish was quizzed about his experience at the event held, as quoted by British Herald.
It’s been unbelievable. I knew it was going to be good, but I feel like since I’ve come here, I’m gutted I didn’t tell my family members and my girlfriend to come”, Jack Grealish revealed.
The UAE [Pavilion] with all the sand, as I’ve walked in, I didn’t realize that the [sand] was real because it was so flat. Then the guy says to come, ‘This is real, you know. You can pick it up.’"
Grealish closed, "So, I picked it up. The whole place is absolutely surreal and somewhere where I’d advise to come.”
The England international’s words are reflective of his positive outlook on things, which will go a long way at a club where ups and downs are a part of an extremely competitive environment.
While Jack Grealish may have his back to the wall at present, this strong sense of optimism could prove key in making him a superstar at Manchester City.
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