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Schools have provided Quran memorisation and merit scholarships of up to 75 per cent
At the Creative Science schools, we believe that layering incentives establishes a culture of positivity and enhances learners’ achievement. This reflects schools’ commitment and consistency from learners who have fostered outstanding academic results and creates a motivating atmosphere.
Our skilled and enthusiastic academic faculty implements all programmes with integrity and consistency, forming a positive environment where learners set the right expectations, accordingly choose learning goals, and are progressively rewarded.
During the previous academic year, the American School of Creative Science, Maliha, awarded 13 students, and the International School of Creative Science, Muwaileh, awarded 7 students with scholarships ranging between 25–50 per cent, which these remarkable high achievers may avail in the forthcoming academic year.
Furthermore, at our core, the Creative Science schools strive to impart Islamic values and nurture individuals with strong morals, by teaching the Noble Quran with Tajweed. In addition to the prospect of a good future, we encourage our students to memorise the Holy Quran by offering special awards and scholarships. Over 130 students have been awarded for Quran memorisation across all Bukhatir Education schools, with 43 students comprising of the 2021 cohort. Additionally, 13 more students were rewarded with scholarships ranging between 15-25 per cent, after undergoing rigorous written and oral examinations that were supervised by BEAM’s Chairman Salah Bukhatir.
Moreover, during the current academic year 2021-2022, the schools have provided more scholarships and financial benefits, in the form of corporate, government, referrals, and siblings discounts, of up to 30 per cent, as well as Quran memorisation and merit scholarships of up to 75 per cent. Members of the Armed forces, Dubai Police, and ESAAD cardholders are also entitled to avail discounts of up to 40 per cent. In the next academic year, we plan to offer discounts of up to 5 per cent for the second child in Sharjah schools.
We welcome all interested parents to experience life at the Creative Science schools by attending our virtual open days and have all their queries addressed directly by the principals and senior leadership team.
The writer is General Manager, BEAM

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