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Students are looking to explore the learning opportunities that the event presents
Students in the UAE are looking forward to fun and meaningful educational experiences at Expo 2020. At the top of the agenda is learning more about sustainability, global environmental issues, artificial intelligence, and advanced technology.
I want to boost my knowledge about technology and AI [something I enjoy reading about], and a visit to Expo 2020 will be a fantastic experience. The future of air travel, designing my aircraft at the Emirates pavilion and exploring path-breaking AI technologies are at the top of my list.
I anticipate the event to be fun and incorporate eco-friendly designs and innovative attractions. I am looking forward to visit the Brazilian pavilion and art installations. I’m so excited and I am sure I will find architecture and overall themes exciting, and the visit will expose me to new experiences from around the world.
I expect to see a variety of cultures, traditions and new technology from around the world. I’m looking forward to seeing the technology and culture pavilions. I am excited to witness how Expo 2020 is showcasing the latest technologies from other countries.
Expo 2020 seems a very futuristic event, and I can’t wait to see the experiences inside. My expectations are high since it has cool things made. I want to learn about the future at the Expo and visit Germany’s pavilion because it falls under sustainability.
I want to visit Expo 2020 Dubai with my parents, especially Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion. Some of my school friends went there and told me it was beautiful. I hope to learn how to save the ocean there. Also, I want to go to the technology pavilion to check new apps that I can download on my iPad and play in the kids’ play area.
I want to learn about the different technologies available at each venue and learn how they have linked it back to their country and how it influenced them. I am looking forward to seeing the India and Madagascar pavilions and understanding the sustainability aspect of Expo 2020 and their inventions to keep our world sustainable.
I want to visit Expo 2020 during the Space theme week to learn more about how spaceships are built. I am keen to know what jobs people could have when discovering new galaxies or living on other planets.
Attending Expo 2020 will help me expand my knowledge and become more aware of what’s happening worldwide. I am excited to explore new things about the latest technology, channelling my creativity and unleashing my knowledge to contribute to the future. I also want to listen to the people giving information about the environment and advocacies to help people in need.
The UAE has been among the first in terms of sustainable development. This event offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in each country and understand how the future will be shaped. I want to visit all the pavilions, including Syria to see how my home country is developing, and the UAE because this is where I was born and lived so far.
I love robotics and AI, and have been studying this at my school, AIS. My family and I plan to visit Expo 2020 to see the latest technology relating to robotics and AI. I know that the UAE welcomes new technology and is eager for its implementation, and a visit to the Innovation and Technology pavilion will offer great insights into the latest technology.
Expo 2020 showcases human ingenuity and brilliance. I want to learn about solutions to global challenges inclusive of poverty, hunger, health, education, inequality, and environmental degradation. Also I want to learn how experts and nations collaborate to shape a new world through science and technology, arts and culture, invention, and innovation.
I want to see the world’s diverse cultural and educational resources all coming together in one place at Expo 2020 and explore the Mobility Pavilion, witnessing technological advancement that human beings are accelerating towards. I’m proud to be part of a country that will showcase emerging digital technologies.
I want to see the innovations in arts and digital media, learn about new technologies that each country has to offer and showcase. I’m also looking forward to visiting the Baden-Wurttemberg House to experience the Spirit of Innovation. Also, I would see the Philippines pavilion as that is my homeland.
I’m a volunteer at Expo 2020, looking forward to giving it my all and making the best from my volunteering experience. I had an orientation day at Expo, where I visited the site and it was amazing. I am already excited about the opening of Expo 2020 and want to learn more about the inventions, technologies, and ideas that all of the 192 participating countries offer.
I am excited to see the gathering of the world’s finest technological advances, especially in green energy. I am keen to visit the Sustainability Pavilion and the man-made rainforest in the Singapore Pavilion. I expect to be enthused by the engineering marvel of architecture and be inspired to improve daily life through technology without compromising the ecosystem.
I am particularly excited to see the pavilions. This is the first Expo to showcase Terra — the Sustainability Pavilion, which focuses on climate change and its effect on the planet.
I am looking forward to attending the Expo after seeing how Dubai has been putting in immense efforts to make it an unforgettable experience for all guests. I am particularly excited to see the Sustainability Pavilion and all the national pavilions that will spotlight the innovative ideas that will come to life as the Expo progresses.
Coming from a creative background in spatial design, I am thrilled by the prospect of Expo 2020 bringing together the world’s most up-and-coming architecture, art and design. I expect to be immersed in knowledge and ideas, especially towards the engineering of our built environment and be rewarded by a deeper understanding of the technology, cultural specialities and traditions, all surrounding my passions for creativity, inclusion, and sustainability.
I want to learn about the cultures and ways of living of the 192 countries participating in Expo 2020. It is an incredible opportunity to get some exposure to the different issues our world is facing, the current and potential solutions to create a better future for us all. I look forward to visiting the Women’s Pavilion that will be showcasing the positive impact women have on the world, offering a fantastic opportunity for women to discuss their visions and creating a better and safer future.

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