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SB19 had their first-ever performance in Dubai last night! 
In a surprise announcement made only mere hours before the concert, the P-pop hitmakers were revealed to be the latest Filipino act performing at Expo 2020 Dubai. And in true SB19 fashion, tickets were selling out fast.
Papatungo sa’king pangarap, lagi ko kayong tanaw sa paglipad 🛫

See you Dubai! 💙#SB19 #SB19atDubaiExpo2020
Despite the last-minute announcement, A’TIN (SB19 fans) came in by the hundreds, armed with lightsticks and an excited heart to see the ‘Bazinga’ act live. This comes as SB19’s first international performance in two years and follows their two-day anniversary celebration concert Our Zone last November. 
While many fans reported technical difficulties during their set at Dec Arena, the ‘MAPA’ act stunned audiences with their powerful vocals, precise choreography, and fiery energy.

📸 SB19 at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Mahalima says hi as they get ready for their performance 👋

See you in a bit A’TIN! 💙

🎟️ Tickets to EXPO 2020 are available via

⁦DubaiExpo withSB19#SB19 #SB19atDubaiExpo2020

From welcoming the members to the City of Gold in the airport to waiting-in-line sing-alongs, here’s what went down at SB19’s first time in Dubai.
Thank you 🥰
Ang bait nyo, grabe..
Super happy si dee 🥰

WHAT IS TULOG?@SB19Official #SB19#MarhabaSB19inDubai#SB19atDubaiExpo2020 #Bazinga_SB19 is my hype song!
And the crowd goes wild.hihi@SB19Official #SB19#MarhabaSB19inDubai

While waiting the door open,we started to sing outside,its A’tin concert before our mahalima😂🎤
SB19 invadesExpoDubai@SB19Official #SB19#SB19atDubaiExpo2020
Lightsticks for everyone! see you ATIN and casuals! ❤️💡🔦

SB19 invadesExpoDubai@SB19Official #SB19#SB19atDubaiExpo2020 #Bazinga_SB19 is our hype song!

A’TIN show the blue ocean mamaya. And let our boys feel they’re welcome

SB19 invadesExpoDubai@SB19Official #SB19#SB19atDubaiExpo2020
Huge thanks also to every A’TIN, Filipino, and other nationalities who attended the event.

You took part in the success of this event 💙 SLMT! Thank you very much ☺️

DubaiExpo withSB19@SB19Official #SB19#SB19atDubaiExpo2020

#SB19atDubaiExpo2020 @SB19Official Ppop Kings SB19 🤴 Proud A’tin here MAHALIMA World Domination on points the stage in Dubai I love it What?

Just to reassure everyone, this is how they sounded live. 💙

P.S. @imszmc, bias na kita forever!!! -Hannah #SB19atDubaiExpo2020 #SB19HatawSaDubai @SB19Official

Can the boys sleep like for 15 hours….i feel their PAGOD….AND LET THEM ENJOY DUBAI BECAUSE THEY DID GREAT JOB….🥰🥰😍@SB19Official #SB19 #SB19atDubaiExpo2020

you guys did great!! rest well, mahalima 💙💙

DubaiExpo withSB19@SB19Official #SB19#SB19atDubaiExpo2020 #Bazinga_SB19 is my hype song!
unexpected event

SB19 invadesExpoDubai@SB19Official #SB19#SB19atDubaiExpo2020

Stream #Bazinga_SB19 my hype song

Lmao, who would’ve thought I’d be posting a fancam but here we are. 😆#Stell #SB19 #SB19atDubaiExpo2020#ATin

There’s a huge difference between watching it on the livestream and on person. Sobrang ganda ng live perf!! Considering the short notice and preparation, we A’TIN and SB19 made it happen! 🥹💙
SB19 invadesExpoDubai@SB19Official #SB19#SB19atDubaiExpo2020
Listen to #Bazinga_SB19

I’m lacking of words to say about how great artists you are. You’re indeed professionals and resilient! Rest a bit, our MAHALIMA! We love you even more! @SB19 #SB19 #SB19atDubaiExpo2020 #Bazinga_SB19
Listen to SB19’s ‘Bazinga’ here. 

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