Hebei Day successfully held at The China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai – Gulf News

Hebei province in China promoted as an investment hotspot through initiative at Expo 2020
On November 29, the Hebei Day along with a series of economic and trade activities of the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai were successfully launched. Hebei Day helped look at exploring the Middle East market, promoting production capacity cooperation and absorbing funds from the Middle East, as well as promoting Hebei province and striving for maximum achievements, as the overall theme. It is committed to making huge contributions to build upon high-quality development within the Hebei province.
Hebei Day hosted initiatives both online and offline. The promotional videos of Hebei province, art performances, Hebei culture and tourism, Xiong’an new district and Zhangjiakou division of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics were broadcast live at the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The promotional pictures of Hebei’s tourism scenery, characteristic industries and intangible cultural heritage were all displayed in the space corridor of the China Pavilion.
Wang Rongli, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Hebei Province, said that the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and provincial government paid a lot of attention to the development of culture and tourism. By holding the provincial and Municipal Tourism Development Conference, Hebei has built a large number of region-wide tourism boutique areas such as the Jingxi Baidu, Qinhuang Shanhai, Landscape Avenue and Taihang Red River Valley. The global tourism products and services have been upgraded, while the construction of a world-class tourist destination has being accelerated as well.
Hebei province is an important birthplace for Chinese civilisation, and proudly represents a splendid history and culture. It has four items and eight world cultural heritage sites, Besides these, the province also hosts six of the world’s intangible cultural heritage projects and six national historical and cultural cities.
Hebei is also the province with the most complete landform in China. Hebei also offers beautiful natural scenery. The Beidaihe River’s sea and golden sands, for instance are absolutely gorgeous, while the Yanshan and Taihangshan are mountainous and picturesque. The stunning beauty of the Zhangchengba forest and grassland will take your breath away. The Great Wall is spectacularly beautiful in Hebei, and especially with the approaching Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Hebei’s snow and ice tourism, represented by Chongli, the snow capital, is warmly welcoming tourists from all over the world with a new look.

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