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RTA to exhibit prototypes of Self-Driving logistics robots during Innovation Month
Dubai: Residents and visitors can head to Expo 2020 Dubai to see the prototypes of the driverless vehicles being displayed there by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
RTA is taking part in the events of the UAE Innovation Month, the biggest of its kind national event in celebrating innovative ideas and future initiatives, is held under the theme: UAE Innovates.
RTA’s participation in the UAE Innovates Month includes exhibiting RTA innovations in self-driving transport at Expo 2020 in partnership with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation on February 25, the authority said on Wednesday.
It will also exhibit a movie about the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport, which highlights activities carried out during the event and the key findings. RTA is also staging several innovative activities including virtual workshops targeting employees from February 22-28.
“RTA has a special innovation agenda focused on innovative efforts and its role in overcoming challenges impacting its customers and the mobility system,” said Nasser Abu Shehab, CEO of Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA.
“It seeks to reduce the cost, effort and duration of each innovative project while being prepared to accept risks. It also works with partners and strategic stakeholders, and documents and shares lessons learned from failures and successes openly and transparently, besides seeking to allocate the best available resources to drive innovation,” he said.
“RTA will showcase its innovations in driverless transport by exhibiting the most sophisticated autonomous vehicles which measure up to the future vision for the smart city using cutting-edge technology. These prototypes of Self-Driving logistics robots will be exhibited at the Opportunity Pavilion in Expo 2020 along with the most important achievements of the RTA in facilitating the migration to self-driving transport in the delivery of retail trade and logistics,” commented Abu Shehab.
“The activities of RTA Innovation Month for employees include virtual workshops, to discuss topics like RTA’s innovation agenda, new achievements and projects related to the innovation strategy, and the development of the robotics industry and its impact on the transport sector.”
He said the virtual events will see the launch of the “New Ideas Competition for University Students” worldwide. “It is the first global ideas competition rolled out by RTA for university students aimed to attract innovative and new ideas,” Abu Shehab added.
It will also see the launch of Phase 4 of “RTA Challenge for Start-ups”. A select group of start-ups will be invited to submit proposals and solutions related to innovation and RTA’s activities. Proposals will be assessed by a jury consisting of a team of experts from RTA and other entities. The top three ideas will be qualified to win first, second and third places.
A virtual “Consultative Forum” will also be organised, under the title “The Future of Innovation” highlighting key transport topics in 2030 and innovative solutions to overcome difficulties faced by roads and transport authorities.
The forum will attract the participation of transport experts, and academicians from universities and technology companies. An awareness workshop will be held about the way of benefiting from innovation to improve customers’ service.
Dubai Self-Driving Strategy aims to transfer 25% of all passenger trips in Dubai to be smart and driverless by 2030. To do so, it is important to understand Self-Driving trends and challenges. Therefore, RTA conducts Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport, which is an international competition aiming to encourage the leading industry players, innovators, start-ups, and researchers in the field of Self-Driving Transport to drive the mobility market of tomorrow, while tackling imminent transport-related challenges faced by global cities.
According to RTA, it is the first-of-its-kind in the world, as most similar competitions are focused only on local suppliers on a smaller scale.

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