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The two Dubai Police robots address visitors’ needs in a ‘smart’ way
Dubai: Have you bumped into Ahmed or Hamda at Expo 2020 Dubai? The two Dubai Police robotsare not just a huge attraction at the mega event but also help address visitors’ needs by directing them to the Transport Security Department (TSD) platform.
The two police robots communicate with visitors at the mega-event in a smart way, by familiarising them with the department’s role in securing millions of commuters in the public transportation sector of the emirate.
Brigadier Obaid Al Hathboor, Director of Transport Security Department in Dubai, told Gulf News that the department’s platform in Expo 2020 Dubai attracted many visitors who were introduced to advanced technologies used to secure the various modes of public transport in Dubai, such as the Metro, buses, trams and maritime transportation.
“Our aim is to introduce visitors to the department’s role in securing the transportation sector, as well as showcase the advanced equipment used by our policemen,” said Brig Al Hathboor.
At the Expo, visitors can check the thermal glasses and helmets that were used by Dubai Police personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic to check the commuter’s body temperatures without the need to get close to them.
Another set of advanced glasses used by the department has a camera attached to them that can provide real-time, live images of what a policeman using those glasses can see, straight to the police command room. This helps in the identification of people wanted by the police.
“Many visitors are surprised that the department has such advanced technologies at its disposal that are used to secure the public transport sector. Many people like the police robots and are making sure to take pictures with them,” Brig Al Hathboor added.
A new smart car with the department’s logo is parked near the platform for public display. It is driven on-site by police officers.
The department is also showcasing a new, advanced device that is being used by policeman on duty to check the background of people without the need to call the command centre for verification.
“Our cadres are well-trained and they communicate with the public through 12 languages. Moreover, using artificial intelligence (AI), such as facial recognition, has proven its effectiveness to identify suspicious and wanted people. We aspire to raise our performance by building on our current capabilities, to ensure a high level of security in the public transport sector,” Brig Al Hathboor added.
Brig Al Hathboor said a police station had been established based on AI technologies for security solutions. On October 25 last year, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, inaugurated this police station.
The state-of-the-art training facility of the Transport Security Department in Dubai aims to enhance security and raise the readiness of security and law-enforcement personnel. Equipped with the latest tools, this training facility utilises virtual reality and simulation technologies to provide comprehensive, scenario-based emergency training.

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