Have 100 stamps in your Expo passport? Get a limited-edition white passport for free – Gulf News

Visitors can avail the special passport at any visitor centre till March 31
Dubai: We’ve entered the final month of Expo 2020 Dubai, and loyal visitors have a treat coming their way. From today, March 1, 2022, onwards, those with over a 100 pavilion stamps in their yellow passports will get a limited-edition passport at any visitor centre.
Expo’s most popular merchandise from its collection had visitors counting their every pavilion visit. They toured the ‘world’ and gathered various stamps from over 200 pavilions on site.
The new white passport will be available for free till the end of the expo on March 31. To avail the passport, visitors have to show their yellow passport with at least 100 stamps at one of the visitor centres. Both passports will be given a special stamp to mark the milestone.
If you’re still shy of 100 stamps and want to visit the pavilions later in the evening, here’s some good news! Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion timings have been extended. As per the new timings, Expo’s country pavilions will remain open till 11pm, daily.

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