Google to offer scholarships for MENA jobseekers – Gulf News

More than 7,000 scholarships also form part of tech giant’s Career Certificates programme
Dubai: Tech giant Google is sponsoring over 7,000 scholarships for its Career Certificates programme in the region. The online certificates aim to support job-readiness for freshers in four key sectors – IT support, project management, UX design and data analytics.
The scholarships are distributed with the help of local organizations including:
The scholarships targets a range of participants representing women, young job seekers and those whose jobs were affected by the pandemic. The Google Career Certificates are also available to all interested learners. They can complete these self-paced programmes on, and receive an official certificate to be recognized by employers to start and help grow their careers in the relevant job fields.
Google is also introducing five additional applied digital skills courses through ‘Maharat min Google’. The online courses will focus on necessary skills that help participants on how to start a resume, use Google to get a new job, and manage a project with digital tools amongst others.

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