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Women and Gender Equity Minister Mónica Zalaquett will be present at Chile’s Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion for five days. She will be accompanying the mission of business owners supported by ProChile, which will participate in various activities focused on exporting their products and positioning them in the market. 
For the first time ever, a trade mission comprised entirely of women will participate in Chile’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The visit will take place during Global Goals Week, and Chile has decided to celebrate Women’s Week as part of that commitment. 
Women and Gender Equity Minister Mónica Zalaquett will travel to Dubai from January 17 to 21 with seven Chilean business owners supported by ProChile and its Mujer Exporta (Women Export) program. They will have access to a packed business agenda that will allow them to organize their first exports and position the products that they have already placed in the market.
Food sector companies Synergia Proyectos e Inversiones, Comercial Trufas SpA, More Chile, Granolín, Agroindustria AYC, Love Co and Colmenares Santa Inés will have the opportunity to access the market through meetings inside and outside of the Expo, in order to expand their opportunities to establish themselves in the region.
“Encouraging women’s participation in international trade is one of the pillars of ProChile, and doing so in the context of Expo 2020 Dubai, where our pavilion serves as a business center, allows us to strengthen their role in the Middle East. We have a delegation of seven business owners who are part of the Mujer Exporta (Women Export) program. This visit to the United Arab Emirates will give them the chance to meet with local and international counterparts, accessing MENASA, an economy worth over US$3.409 billion,” said ProChile Director General Jorge O’Ryan.  
Alongside the business agendas led by the delegation, the Women and Gender Equity Minister will participate in ceremonial activities and lead the gate opening of the Expo’s sustainability area, which involves opening the doors and launching the event.
“One of the goals that we proposed when we decided to lead Expo 2020 Dubai is to highlight our country’s progress in the area of gender at the international level. We have been able to stand out by highlighting our leadership in the areas of inclusive international trade, technology and innovation for gender equality, and our progress in the area of gender and climate change. The Women and Gender Equity Ministry is happy to have the opportunity to accompany these seven brave women who are daring to cross borders and expand their businesses. They are realizing their dreams and showing so many others that one can create a business and bring products to new markets, generating new business opportunities, creating jobs and serving as a pillar for our country’s economic reactivation, because talent has no gender,” Minister Zalaquett noted.
The Women and Gender Equity Minister will hold bilateral meetings with local officials, such as members of the National Federal Council, Minister of State Maitha Al Shamsi and Minister of State for Advanced Technology and Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency, Sarah Al-Amiri. She also will lead the seminar “Promoting women’s participation in international trade” at the Women’s Pavilion. The event will be coordinated by Chile in partnership with Mexico and Canada.
The Chilean pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will thus be the main stage for the representation of female business owners, who will have their own trade mission, a milestone for this type of international meeting.


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