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Participants at GNICE in Dubai share their plans for dual citizenship and its perks
Dubai: The ability to move and travel more freely are the main reasons why people are considering getting a second passport and becoming dual citizens, said participants at the three-day Gulf News Immigration and Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE) in Dubai, which concluded successfully on Saturday.
Egyptian hotelier Mohammed Thabet, 34, said: “I’ve started saving some money because I wanted to someday move to a European country. Yes, it’s cool to have a second passport because I can enjoy life more. I hope to explore the world, meet more people and hopefully land better opportunities.”
Aya Cheaito, who is Lebanese-Belarusian: “I’m already a dual citizen. Being Belarusian has given me free education. I was also able to get more job opportunities. My Belarusian passport can also get me to more countries than my Lebanese passport.”
James Palmer, 73, who is from Australia, said: “I’m thinking of getting a second passport not only to enjoy the flexibility to travel but to have more and better options where to live. I’m looking at getting a citizenship by investment and I’m considering countries like Portugal as well as Cyprus and Malta.”
Hala Alkhaleif, a Syrian-Turkish expat, said: “Being Syrian has helped me find job in Arabic countries. I get free education and free health care. But my Turkish passport is stronger internationally that’s why I use it when I’m traveling as I can go to 100-plus countries visa-free.
Indian national Jithesh Jeevan, 35, said: “I want to apply for a second passport and maybe eventually migrate to US or Canada. It is always good to have better opportunities not only for myself but also for my family. I also want to pursue higher education in either US or Canada.”

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