Expo Dubai: Leonardo focuses on mobility with AW609 – English – ANSA

(ANSAmed) – DUBAI, JANUARY 11 – Expo 2020 Dubai is focusing this week on travels and connectivity and the attention dedicated by the Italian pavilion to this theme is connected to Leonardo’s AW609 tiltrotor, which is part of the exhibition. The AW609, the Italian company said in a statement, will revolutionize transport. Leonardo stressed how the AW609 represents a first of the company in the aviation sector and is the only aircraft of this kind to have a civil certification.
    The tiltrotor can take off vertically like a helicopter and fly offering passengers the comfort of an airplane.
    Able to operate missions of a different kind, including medical transport, the transport of passengers, search and rescue missions, the AW609 can fly at a speed of more than 500 km/h with a range of action of nearly 1,400 km, which can reach over 2,000 with auxiliary tanks. To integrate its strategy on the urban aviation of the future, at Expo Dubai Leonardo has also built, with Emirati partner Falcon Aviation Services, a terminal for new helicopters with a concept representing the last frontier of vertical mobility.
    Spaces for travellers are conceived to host showrooms for commercial and cultural activities, inside a structure built with sustainable materials which can be easily changed or reallocated when the needs of urban transport and cities change.


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