Expo Dubai: Abruzzo industry chief boosts region's presence – English – ANSA

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 7 – The head of Abruzzo regional industry agency ARAP, Antonio Morgante, visited the Italian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai Monday to boost the southeastern Italian region’s presence at the world’s fair and the surrounding country and region with an ‘Abruzzo Week’ of events.
    In the United Arab Emirates, said the ARAP secretary general, “there are Italian and Abruzzese products, but not in the right quantity”.
    With the Abruzzo week in the agri-food sector, he said, “we will stage events to boost Abruzzo’s presence in Dubai and elsewhere”.
    He said the week would be “marked by B2B e B2C events, but also by influencers and masterclasses” showcasing the region’s finest products.
    . (ANSA).


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