Expo 2020 in pictures: Dubai hosts the world’s largest meeting of cultures – Euronews

Last week Expo 2020 Dubai opened with a bang after the event was delayed for a year by the COVID-19 pandemic.
For the first time in history, the World Expo, an international cultural exhibition, is taking place in the Middle East.
The event kicked off last week with an opening ceremony focusing on the power of global collaboration, featuring fireworks and music.
To combat a global reluctance to travel due to health concerns, organisers will be streaming events online until the end of the Expo in March 2022.
Despite the current global climate, Dubai still expects to boost its economy by attracting 25 million business and tourist visits to the world fair over the six months that it is scheduled.
Expo 2020 has the attention of the world right now, as it is one of the first major global events open to visitors since the coronavirus pandemic, which shut down large scale events in March 2020.
Once the full site is open it will include exhibitors from almost 200 countries on the 4.3 sq km site, which has been built in the desert outside of the city.
Under the theme of “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”, Expo 2020 will bring together expert thinking on technology, architecture, and most importantly of culture.
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