Expo 2020 Dubai: Snap group selfies at contactless photo kiosks – Gulf News

This photo service saves you from asking strangers for a click at the world fair
Dubai: Every frame at Expo 2020 Dubai is a painting in motion. Simply walking past stunning vistas is not an option. You will find yourself whipping out your phone camera throughout your visit to the World Expo, either to capture the robots, beautifully lit pavilions or neatly landscaped avenues leading to the domed Al Wasl Plaza. But what of the moments that call for a group picture? Don’t sweat it – there are 17 photo kiosks equipped with professional cameras around the site that will do all the work for you, for free.
A service provided by Expo’s official printing and imaging provider Canon, the photo kiosks are contactless and instantaneous. And visitors don’t have to hunt them down; the stands can be found in each of the three Thematic Districts as well as the two parks, Jubilee and Al Forsan. Find a listing below of all the locations, lest you walk past the handy facility.
The kiosks come with a portrait screen and a camera lens embedded at an elevated height. Follow these steps to take your free picture and have it promptly sent to your email.

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