Expo 2020 Dubai: See rare stamps at 'Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition' – Gulf News

From early stamps of many countries to UAE’s latest NFT stamps, fair is a treasure trove
Dubai: The Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition, the first international philatelic exhibition in the region, kicked off at Expo 2020 Dubai on Wednesday, showcasing a treasure trove of stamps of the past and the ‘future.’
Hosted by the Emirates Post Group (EPG) and the Emirates Philatelic Association (EPA) at Dubai Exhibition Centre at Expo, the five-day event was inaugurated by Mohammed Al Murr, chairman of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library Foundation, in the presence of Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of EPG and Abdulla Mohammed Khoory, President, EPA.
Highlighting the significance of the first-of-its-kind exhibition in the region, EPG also issued a stamp to commemorate Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition at the opening ceremony. The stamp carries the logo of the global event—a fingerprint in the colours of the UAE flag.
From early stamps of many countries to the latest NFT (non-fungible token) digital stamps launched by EPG in commemoration of the UAE’s 50th National Day, the exhibition aims to showcase and promote philately, or the collection and study of postage stamps, and develop cultural exchange and partnerships that can enrich philately in the region.
The event features around 175 exhibits from 27 countries from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania, and has participation from postal administrations from the GCC and Arab countries, philatelic and numismatic dealers, and philately enthusiasts. Several collectors are also displaying rare coins and antique collectables.
Speaking on the occasion, Alashram said: “We are proud of organising this distinctive global exhibition in collaboration with the Emirates Philatelic Association to feature unique postage stamps and highlight the extensive history of the postal sector. This exhibition is a milestone in the history of philately in the UAE, which also coincides with the year of the 50th celebrations. It is vital that we promote the culture of philately, and we are pleased to receive an astounding response from visitors across the world.”
Highlighting the opportunity for cultural exchange at the event, he added: “It is highly rewarding to witness the vibrant participation of philatelic enthusiasts who are keen on growing their knowledge about postage stamps, as well as exhibitors showcasing their rare collections of postage stamps.”
Meanwhile, Khoory said the idea of organising a global event to enhance the awareness about philatelic culture is notable, as the study and collection of stamps reflect the history of a nation, its culture and people.
“The response towards the first of its kind international philatelic exhibition in the region is tremendous, and visitors were also eager to explore the rare exhibits. We are also proud of associating with EPG to organise this outstanding exhibition which will in turn, create extensive impacts in philately,” he added.
For the first time, the public can see at the world exhibition the latest NFT stamps issued by EPG on the UAE’s Golden Jubilee Day on December 2.
A virtual reality (VR) show at the event lets participants watch the NFT stamps including the Golden Jubilee stamp with the image of the Spirit of the Union logo and the signatures of the Rulers as well as the one dedicated to the Projects of the 50th-2071, which features the UAE’s Mars Mission.
The VR show of the Golden Jubilee stamp lets the participants hold the UAE flag and place it behind the Rulers in a desert land of the UAE. Meanwhile, the Projects of the 50th gives the participant an immersive experience of the Martian surface where an astronaut can be seen waving.
The event also has a dedicated corner for students to learn about stamps and participate in the Postcards to Space initiative launched in partnership with Club for the Future, a private foundation established by Blue Origin, UAE Space Agency, Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) and AzurX.
Students can express their vision for the UAE in the next 50 years on the postcards that will be transported to space, stamped, then returned to their owners as a souvenir.
Running until January 23, the exhibition marks the beginning of eight international philatelic events being held around the world in 2022.

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