Expo 2020 Dubai: K-Pop stars Stray Kids, Psy, Sunmi, GI-dle and more to perform – Gulf News

GI-dle, Golden Child and Forestella also confirmed for National Day celebrations
K-Pop fans in the UAE are in for a treat this January, as a starry line-up of artists such a veteran South Korean singer Psy and pop star Sunmi have been confirmed to be performing at Expo 2020 Dubai.
GI-dle, Golden Child and Forestella will also be joining the concert that featuring K-Pop group Stray Kids, who were earlier announced, as part of the Republic of Korea’s National Day celebrations on January 16 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Jubilee Park.
Psy made his music debut in 2001 but gained global fame with his 2012 hit ‘Gangnam Style’, the music video for which was the first on YouTube to cross one billion views. He is also known for tracks such as ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Oppa Is Just My Style’ and runs his own record label P Nation.
Stray Kids are the official ambassadors for the South Korean pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai and have a large fanbase all over the world. The eight-member group that debuted in 2017 have hit tracks ‘God’s Menu’, ‘Thunderous’ and ‘Miroh’ to their name.
Sunmi made her music debut in 2007 with girl group Wonder Girls, however she left in 2010 for her studies. In 2013, she kicked off a solo career with the EP ‘Full Moon’. Sunmi rejoined Wonder Girls in 2015, however the group disbanded in 2017. Since then she has pursued her solo career and released tracks such as ‘Gashina’ and ‘You Can’t Sit with Us’.
GI-dle is a popular five-member group known for songs including ‘Latata’, ‘Dumdi Dumdi’ and ‘Hwaa’, and for being a rare female band that’s directly involved in the music making process.
Golden Child is a 10-member boy band, while Forestella is a male vocal quartet.

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