Expo 2020 Dubai hosts first modest fashion show – Arab News

This month, Expo 2020 Dubai held its first modest fashion show. Presenting 20 Indonesian designers and two local creatives using the country’s domestically produced fabrics, the show included both womenswear and menswear designs hailing from the Asian nation’s islands.

Hailing from Jakarta, the pioneering Indonesian designer’s collections consist of flowy drawstring dresses, ultra-comfortable kaftans, embellished lace tunics and printed maxi dresses that are equal parts modest and stylish.

“It’s really unbelievable how Indonesian textiles and fabrics are handmade. The quality and standards of those textiles are very high,” said UAE-based designer Noora Al-Alawi, who showcased designs incorporating Indonesian fabrics.

UAE-based Libyan-Mexican designer Safiya Abdallah is known for her luxurious modest designs that have been worn by Gwen Stefani and Lindsay Lohan.

The Indonesian ready-to-wear brand is one of the most beloved modest labels, with a following of 2.2 million on Instagram. 

Founded in 2014 by Syanaz Nadya Winanto Putri, the label produces a wide range of artisan woven leather bags that are made to order.

Based in Bandung, Indonesia, the brand works with local craftsmen to create its luxurious knit blankets, ponchos and slippers.


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