Expo 2020 Dubai: Higher Committee for people of determination discusses policies to enhance wellbeing – Gulf News

Progress of digital accessibility and inclusivity in education discussed during meeting
Dubai: The Higher Committee for the Services of the People of Determination in the UAE, during its fourth meeting at Expo 2020 Dubai chaired by Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development, discussed a series of initiatives, policies and procedures that promote wellbeing of the people of determination.
These initiatives include the UAE Universal Design Code, digital accessibility policy for people of determination, features of the 50th plan in inclusive education and amendments on the federal law of people of determination rights.
Buhumaid listened to the updates by the members of the Higher Committee and representatives of ministries, departments and competent authorities about the latest developments of the UAE Universal Design Code as part of the policy of empowering people of determination and in support of this category.
The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology made a presentation about the follow-up of the implementation of the code at both federal and local levels and the challenges with implementation. The meeting recommended an operational plan for implementing the code on the ground, including the decisions, circulars and follow-up procedures in collaboration between the Ministries of Community Development (MoCD), Energy and Infrastructure, Industry and Advanced Technology.
During the meeting, the progress and features of the “digital accessibility policy for people of determination” by the MoCD were presented. They emphasised the need to facilitate the procedures for the people of determination and include all the competent authorities with the content such as the digital wellbeing team, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) and the importance of benefitting from the outcomes of the ESCWA training workshop to establish a clear governance policy and a regular assessment system for their effectiveness to finalise the policy before the end of 2021.
After presenting the features of the 50th Plan in inclusive education, the meeting of the Higher Committee recommended to speed up and start implementing the inclusive education policy in all education phases, including higher education in coordination with local government authorities. The meeting also recommended the organising of workshops and seminars in the near future to discuss proposed amendments on the people of determination rights federal law.

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