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Saturday, Dec 18, 2021 | Jumada Al-Uola 13, 1443
Published: Sat 20 Nov 2021, 5:09 PM
Last updated: Sun 21 Nov 2021, 11:32 AM
The Fitness Hub at Expo 2020 has become an ideal spot for the employees of Expo 2020 and the residents of Dubai to finish their workouts.
The venue is spread over 5,400 square metres and offers a huge roster of sports, fitness, and well-being activities to promote physical activity as a way of life.
“A number of people come here to accomplish their fitness goals in the mornings and evenings,” said a trainer at the Fitness Hub.
It is situated next to the Mobility Gate, the sporting wonderland features a state-of-the-art gym, five-a-side football pitch, multi-purpose court for basketball, netball, volleyball and tennis. It also has a global fitness stage with daily classes to get your heart pumping. Many yoga and fitness sessions are being held here with expert trainers overlooking the fitness routine of the participants.
Expo 2020 employee, Arif Khan said that they have to report to their duty at 8am, but they arrive an hour earlier for workout.
“I was a bit worried in the beginning that my fitness routine will be affected, but the Expo 2020 management had sorted it all for fitness enthusiasts.”
“We are gifted with number of activities to maintain our health for absolutely free and that what we are much thankful. We are delighted to carry on with special activities at the hub,” delighted Arif added.
Mohammed Saif, a Jordanian national who works with the Expo Tours is quite happy with the arrangements at the Fitness Hub Expo 2020.
“I have been playing football for almost six years every day. And surprisingly, working at Expo 2020 I am able to continue with the sport.”
“The football ground is just amazing and my fellow players are also much encouraging with a lot to learn from them,” Said Saif.
A few employees also mentioned that they are used to coming to Fitness Hub on their weeks off to play sports.
Ashish Dhar, an Indian expat living Dubai Investment Park, visited the Expo site in early October and turned out to be a regular visitor to the mega event.
“I had purchased the Expo pass to understand what the event is all about, but when I saw the fitness hub, I jog to the site every day to work out.”
“The activities are great there and I have learnt a lot of new exercises which will surely benefit me in the future.”
Hajirah, from the pavilion and exhibitions team at the Expo, works out in the evening. She along with her colleagues get training for High Interval Intensity Training.
“The fitness hub has been a great place for a quick workout before or after our workhours to stay fit while delivering the mega event.”
Humaanh working at the Sustainability pavilion said that the place was the best for fitness and entertainment. She and her colleagues are participating in government games and the training is being taken at the Expo 2020 Fitness Hub.
“The first time I came here with my family and I turned out to be a regular visitor here… this spot is being utilized to train ourselves for the government games and team building and different training.”
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