Expo 2020 Dubai collaborates with Assouline on collection of tomes – Arab News

Luxury publisher Assouline has collaborated with Expo 2020 Dubai to mark the event with seven unique coffee table books that showcase the story of the Expo.  

 This tome explores the iconic architecture and spaces that were created for the Expo, from each pavilion to the public realm.

 Dedicated to The Sustainability Pavilion, this book aims to foster our connection with the environment and motivate visitors and readers to lead a more sustainable life.

 This volume is dedicated to The Mobility Pavilion, and targets to test and inspire people for a forward-thinking vision of future cities, urban planning and social structures.

 This 200-page tome features over 100 illustrations, in-depth text, exclusive interviews and insights into the collaboration process that brought together AGi Architects, the three mentors, and the pavilion creators.

 The fifth book in the collection is dedicated to the “beating heart” of Expo 2020, its impressive architecture and its infinite possibilities.

 A volume about the pavilion that represents the story of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, bringing together his past, his vision for the future of the emirate, and valuable lessons.


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