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The stage is set for the world to showcase its creativity at Expo 2020 Dubai and the Austrian pavilion made sure to seize this opportunity. Standing out as an oasis of calm and relaxation in the general hustle and bustle of the event, the markedly different architecture of Austria’s building has won 3 prestigious awards for its contribution to Expo 2020’s vision of organizing one of the most sustainable world expos of all time.
These include the first prize in the sustainable architecture category at the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2021, the Jury’s Favorite in Architectural Design – Sustainable & Energy Saving at the Built Design Awards 2021, and the top sustainability honor at the German Design Awards 2022.
“Austria has a long history of sustainable living through responsible utilization of available resources. These awards are a testament to the efforts that every individual has put into creating this captivating pavilion which represents what a resource-efficient, climate-neutral, environment-friendly future may look like. We hope that through this far-reaching platform of Expo 2020 Dubai, the world can see and experience the very best that Austria has to offer,” says Commissioner General of the Austrian pavilion Beatrix Karl.
Operating under the theme of ‘Austria Makes Sense’ and staying true to Expo 2020’s mission of creating a sustainable future for everyone, the central European nation has come up with arguably the most distinct structure. The entire building – which pays homage to the Arab architectural tradition of using cones inspired by wind towers – requires 70% less energy than any conventionally air-conditioned facility in weather conditions similar to those in the UAE.
Combining the best of technology and ecology, the Austrian pavilion has only partnered with companies that have a spectacular vision for a better future, sending a strong message of support for climate protection and sustainable development. A case in point is the iLab, which is a vibrant space known for its innovative practices and out-of-the-box ideas.  
Located in the opportunity sector, the Austrian pavilion enables visitors to immerse themselves directly into the countless possibilities that are related to and go beyond sustainable living. 
The cooling concept is a page out of the Arab architectural book where wind catching towers, or cones, allow reduced electricity consumption to cool the entire space. This makes for quite a pleasant environment throughout the pavilion even during hot weather. 
The entire structure has been prepared using prefabricated parts with the aim of using as few resources as possible. Moreover, the entire façade is easy to take down after the event concludes in March, 2022. Once decommissioned, the design team responsible for creating the pavilion intends to set up a new building using the same parts at a different location in the region. The high flexibility of the components allows them to create something entirely different from what has been seen at Expo 2020 Dubai. 
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